YouTube Isn’t Worth an Investment for SEO Rewards Except Under These Circumstances

If you have already tried getting your YouTube channel going, then you probably don’t need to read the rest of this article. The fact is that YouTube is a very difficult nut to crack, especially for companies looking to use it for SEO purposes vis-a-vis their website. Rather than go over the reasons why you shouldn’t use YouTube, here are some scenarios where it is okay to create a YouTube video for your SEO needs.

An Advert for Your Product

For the record, an advert on YouTube is not going to grab viral attention, nor will it create buzz, and it will probably be six months before your advert breaks into three digit views. Yet, a single advert is advisable for these reasons.

• It needs to be embedded into your website. Doing this will help you attract viewers from Google’s/Bing’s video search engine.

• When you create your YouTube video, it asks you to place a thumbnail image. Create your own and make it a good one. Embed your YouTube video into your website, and the thumbnail will appear on the Google image search engine.

• Create your advert, put it on Google, and add it to your “Google My Business” listing because Google now accepts videos on Google my Business.

You do not need to upload videos every week, nor do you have to create a series or any of that other nonsense. However, make sure that the keywords you add to your video include your brand name, and things like your domain name.

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A Video Demonstration to be Embedded in Your Website

Have you noticed how electronics websites and gaming websites show you videso of their products in action? If people are going to buy from you, they want to see how your device works, they want to see it in action, and they may be impressed if you put your device under pressure. For example, you may claim that your mobile phones are water resistant, so you could show somebody operating it underwater in a public pool.

The video itself helps make your web pages more useful, which makes them more search engine friendly. You will also generate a trickle of traffic from YouTube as people find your products through YouTube instead of your website. Just make sure that your product demonstration is snappy, to the point, and not very promotional. You need to let the product speak for itself.

Do “not” try to do a roundup of your products. For this “embed” method to work, your video needs to focus on a single product or message that exists in your web page. It may not seem worth the effort given you only get a trickle of traffic from YouTube, but the video embedded in your product page or web page is going to raise the usefulness of the web page, which means over time the search engines will give it more priority. Plus, it puts you ahead of all the other companies that have the same product, but who do not have their own videos.

If you want to find out more about using YouTube in the way described above, give one of our experts a call. We can tailor SEO packages as needed.