Your Online Rescue Team When Disaster Strikes

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We’re a full-service digital marketing company, yes, but we’re also more than that. 

If your company is in a digital emergency, we can help there, too. 

Just about every single business in any industry, to be successful, has to be online. 

But, you may not have started your small business to be online. 

To use a (potentially clumsy) analogy: you may have wanted to open an apparel store. That doesn’t mean that you wanted to plan and construct a building, by yourself, for that apparel store to be in. 

The same goes with being online. 

Should (knock on wood) your building catch on fire, you’d call the local fire department. 

If something goes wrong with your website or some other online problem, our clients know that they can call us for web services and more. 


The Type of Emergency We Can Help With 


Here’s a recent article that covers the sort of problem that Website Depot can fix for clients. 

“Researchers discovered a vulnerability in WP Bakery page builder that allows an attacker to inject malicious JavaScript into pages and posts. The vulnerability allows an attacker to inject code into pages and posts that then attacks site visitor browsers.” 

Now, you may not know all about “WP Bakery” and “JavaScript.” 

However, I’m willing to bet you know it’s not good when you see words like “vulnerability,” “attacker, “inject,” “malicious,” and “attacks site visitors.” 

Those are signs of a true emergency. 

Part of what makes these “attackers” so dangerous is that, in their own way, they’re professionals. 

It’s not like these attackers are doing this as a hobby or something. They’re here to hurt your business. 

We use the analogy often about how “your website is your storefront, office, and more.” 

However, if you “go it alone,” so to speak, you are your storefront’s and office’s security system. 

With a company like us by your side, we can help to make things right after something like this occurs. 


Professional Work 


I was discussing this article (over Slack) with my co-worker Ezekiel Hernandez. 

He said something that really stuck with me about this WordPress issue: 

“We can fix this hack and make sure that businesses have a safer version of WordPress. These are the kinds of mistakes that people make when they’re trying to cut corners and save time.” 

That made so much sense to me. 

A business owner who’s getting started with WordPress or something like that wants to do a good job, yes, but they also want to get things done. 

They want to complete this task so that they can move on with the rest of their day. 

So, it stands to reason that they might take an action or two that could potentially be exploited by those who would do them harm. 

It’s one more thing that we can keep from happening. 

Safety is by no means all of what we do, but it’s an important part of what we do. It helps to make the rest of it possible. 

To see how we can help you (even before there’s an emergency) you can reach out to us at (888) 477-9540.