Your Digital Marketing is in Front of Potential Customers: Now What? 

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It happened. 

Your hard work has been rewarded. 

Your digital marketing has gotten your business in front of your potential customers. 

Maybe they came across it on social media. Perhaps they did during a search, or in some other way. The point is: they found your company. 

Now what? 

It’s important to remember that full-service online marketing doesn’t end here. It’s not just about getting people to see your company. Rather, it’s about converting that into sales. 

That requires multiple services. 


Seeing Is Only the First Step in Digital Marketing 

We can recite to you any number of studies that explain what people do when they encounter an ad for a company or service that they’re interested in online. 

That said, just think of how you react. 

When you see an ad that intrigues you, do you click on the ad? 

Do you purchase the product or service immediately? 

If you’re like most people, you research the company. 

Buying online is rarely “impulse buying.” 

It’s not like when you’re in line at the store and, while waiting to pay for your items, your eyes land upon something that you want to buy immediately. 

Sure, it works that way for some people, but it’s hard to make a viable business with just folks who impulse buy. 

For the most part, people are going to research your company. 

This is where the “full service” part of “full-service Digital Marketing” comes in. 


What They Find When They Search Can Seal the Deal (or Not) 

If you look through our site, you’ll see all of the different services that we offer: Google Ads, SEO, online reputation marketing, web design, all of it. 

Once a potential customer has seen your ad and started to do some research, all of the above becomes even more critical. 

If someone who’s really interested in your company comes across a bunch of bad or negative reviews about your company, it’s that much harder to close the sale. 

If they go to your site and find that it’s difficult to navigate, struggles to load, or just doesn’t look all that great, then you may have lost a great leader. 

Seeing the ad is just step one, it’s just the beginning. 

From there, you’ve got their interest. Now, you have to bring them in. 

I write the phrase “we can help you every step of the way” quite a bit. In this context, I mean “we can help you through every step of the potential customer’s way,” too. 

From that initial ad that draws them in, through the social media, online reputation management, and web design that makes them want to buy, we’ve got you covered. 

To set it up, give us a call at (888) 477-9540.