Your Amazon Affiliate Website Will Always Be Hobbled in SEO Terms

Take this from us at, your Amazon affiliate website “can” make money, but you cannot rely on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to draw traffic because Amazon affiliate websites are not search engine friendly.

Amazon Affiliate Websites Are Too Common

There are literally thousands of Amazon affiliate websites. The Amazon affiliate program is very easy to get into and creating affiliate websites is super cheap and very easy. You have an unhealthy amount of competition, so not only are you competing with all other websites, but you are also competing with websites that are trying to do the exact same thing as you.

People Will Not Link to Your Amazon Affiliate Site

Nobody is saying that backlinks are important, but they are certainly helpful. One could argue that power steering is not important, but it certainly makes things easier. If you have an Amazon affiliate site, then people have no reason whatsoever to link to you, especially when they can link to the Amazon product itself. Plus, there is no point you can make that they cannot make themselves, so there is yet no further reason why they should ever link to your website, so you lose that side of your SEO.

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People Are Wise to Amazon Affiliate Websites

You are not going to draw fans or get subscribers unless you have an additional selling point. People know that your reviews are often made up from the top of your head or are rewrites of what is already on Amazon. Just because you summarized a few user reviews doesn’t mean you are adding value. People know that you are trying to sell stuff through your affiliate advertising, so they are not going to share your content on social media, tell their friends about you, or add you to their favorites.

What Are Additional Selling Points?

The few affiliate websites that do soak up a little search engine traffic are ones with an extra selling point. PriceSpy has a great selling point in that it gives you comparisons on price for each product. Other websites offer products that you can buy on reserve, or they offer you updates on when new Amazon products are due out.

Product Keywords and Images

How do you fancy competing for attention on Google with fresh content, associated keywords, and brand new images? Now, how do you fancy setting up an Amazon affiliate website where you compete for the same keywords as other affiliate websites, your content is the same rewritten stuff as other affiliate websites, and your images are the same as other affiliate websites?

Do you see how even the most basic elements of your website are going to hold you back, and that is not to mention the fact that Google and Bing prioritize websites that are useful, and Amazon affiliate websites are not useful. They do not have enough creditably to be useful these days because people can see through them and would rather read details and reviews on Amazon than on your website. Again, you can make money from an Amazon affiliate website, but you will have to find your traffic without relying on search engines.