Writing In-Depth Articles That Google Will Love

Writing In Depth Articles That Google Will Love

In 2013, Google announced that it would include in-depth articles in search results. The news, however, wasn’t a surprise for marketers as the company was already heading that way with its Panda updates.

But how can you write in-depth articles to make sure that Google will love them?

Schema article markup

The search engine giant optimized metadata in finding and indexing your content. With schema article markup, your content will be taken to another level. At SEO Expert Danny, we make sure that your site will have the microdata embedded. In this way, your site’s SEO will go even further.

Authorship markup

Claiming your content using Google’s Authorship Markup will make sure that your content is connected to your global author profile. There are also benefits that you can get from rich snippets while you enjoy having increased click-through-rates in a search.


Having a long-form content can be boring to your users. But you can split it using proper pagination markup should you decide to split your article into multiple pages. You must also include proper canonicalization.

Optimize logo

Google presents your logo to your users to give them a quick glance of the article’s source. To optimize your logo, you should connect your site with your profile. Then, choose your logo and specify it with organizational markup.

Writing Depth Articles Google Will Love

Create a killer content

It’s not enough to create one in-depth article that’s more than 2,000 words. To show up in Google’s in-depth article search feature, you must continuously write original and meaningful 2,000-word article.

Apart from providing your audience a long-form content, you should also consider creating ultimate guides. You could write something about a guide to Facebook Marketing or ways to advertise or market your business on Twitter.

A step-by-step tutorial is also an in-depth article with lots of useful content. At its core, it’s educational. In here, you’ll be teaching your visitors to accomplish a certain task. But that task must not be a simple task. To make an epic blog post, make sure that it’s unique, like how to create your own compost pile or own perfume.

An interview post can also be epic. It’s simple to create as you’ll only need to hunt down several names and ask for their advice on an individual topic.

Then again, no matter how long your content is, make sure that it’s unique and epic. The size doesn’t really matter, but the content does.