Working to Support Each Other 

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The unemployment numbers in the United States (and around the world) are awful. There’s no sugar-coating that. This morning, it came out that many jobs had been added to the economy in May. However, that was nowhere near enough to make up for all that was lost. 


It’s difficult to be unemployed at any time (trust me. I would know.) But, during a global pandemic, it’s that much more difficult. It’s not like people can just walk into an office with their resume right now. Even as places open back up (one way or the other) it’s going to be difficult for even really talented applicants with great resumes to find work. 


That’s just one of the reasons I’m glad to work at Website Depot right now. 

During this time, the company isn’t focused on turning profit. Rather, it’s about keeping all of our clients afloat – while doing the same for the 58 people on staff. 


Supporting Clients


As much as anything else, advertising has had to change during the pandemic. Before, digital marketing was important, but it was only one method of advertising, to get a company out there. Now, it’s clearly the most important one, and for many, the only form of advertising they’ll see. That’s made it even more critical for our clients. 


When we say “our clients,” we mean “the small businesses that we provide services to.” Those small businesses are all made of people going through the same things we all are. They share the same concerns about the pandemic, their health, the future, the economy, and everything else. 


So, as we help our clients to grow, we’re not just helping a company to make more money. We’re helping regular people to be able to provide for themselves, to be able to stay safe during this difficult time. There’s nothing good about the pandemic. There is no “silver lining,” “bright spot,” or anything like that. During this time, though, we can take pride in being able to help folks get through it. 


Supporting Each Other 


You may have heard that Website Depot, like many other similar companies, isn’t focusing on turning a profit at this time. 

Instead, (and this is the great part to me) it’s about making sure that everyone on the Website Depot payroll has a job. There are 58 of us (the company has really grown a lot since I came on in June of 2018). 

By not focusing on turning a profit, every one of us in that 58 has been able to go home, stay at home, live, work, eat, and rest – all without worrying about when the next paycheck is going to come, or how we’re going to be able to pay rent, and so forth. 


That’s not to say that this time has been easy (far from it). But, that peace of mind is invaluable. 

“Putting people over profits” is a cliche, a phrase that’s been used by too many over the years to do the exact opposite. However, at Website Depot, it really means something. Stay safe out there.