Winning The SEO Game – Even If You’re Busy

SEO Game Danny

Some website owners take for granted the value of the SEO game. They often ignored it. Sometimes, you see companies carry out offline activities, but they don’t write about them on their online platform. But it’s a mistake.Even though they’re offline activities, they can still boost SEO’s campaign of a site. By having an online page of offline events can help fans or followers find you when they search about an event. But there’s an easy fix for it.

Update FAQs page

Every site must have FAQ page, and it should keep up to date. It’s vital to the overall health of a site. Keeping it updated allows your customers to look into the page to know about your recent product or services. To optimize FAQ page, you must include hard links to your blog posts for every question. It can help readers in having to run through multiple scrolls to read the entire FAQ page. This method is annoying and inefficient. Make sure also that you have a call to action that users can click to help them in navigating your site better. This methodology allows users to have their own show by allowing more spaces for questions. They can get answers elsewhere. It’s also ideal for boosting internal links and improving SEO strategies.the SEO game

Get a link back

If you received a media coverage through PR, there’s a reason to celebrate. However, make sure that the publication links back to your site’s website. Some journalists may mention your name, but they forget to add a link. It won’t hurt you if you send a friendly email to that journalist. When writing a post, you must also link to authority sites to validate your points. It helps your audience in getting an understanding of your topic.

Furthermore, the authors who check sites that reference their work may remember to reference your articles in their future work as well. That is if they like what they read in your writing. That’s why it’s vital only to write high-quality content. Overall, winning the SEO game even if you don’t have the time to play it is possible. But make sure to heed to our tips and call us for more information at (213) 322-0770. Make sure to document your offline activities through your website. In this way, people will know about them. It’s also vital to update your FAQ page and ensure that any media coverage has links back to your page.