Will Voice Search Affect SEO?

Will Voice Search Affect SEO

Last year, Google hinted that voice search report would come to search console report. While waiting for this feature to roll out, the best way to tackle voice search is to be more updated of what your customers are looking for. Your marketing campaign must focus on what your customers want. This concept isn’t new. But make sure to prioritize it now that voice search is growing. As a marketer, you must anticipate what your users want and needs to ensure that you give them answers to their questions.

Will voice search hurt SEO?

There will be a shift, but voice won’t kill SEO. It’s just like mobile didn’t eradicate desktop. AI will find content to educate itself and interact with users thoughtfully. To ensure your SEO effort won’t get hurt, make organic search priority. It means that you still need to create content.

But you need to know that most people won’t read that content. Instead, their virtual assistants will mine the content and look for answers or solutions and report them back. This concept is different from today. But it’s coming, and every marketer must adapt.

Voice Search Affect SEO

How to win voice search?

You need to focus on strategies that can make your content be available in the answer box results. An answer box is a feature display above the organic results. It directly answers a query. Home assistants get these results for answers to many questions. To know what questions your customers are asking, you must tap into your customer service department and see the frequently asked questions. Doing so will help you know what your target market is asking.

From there, you can conduct some research around those queries and provide them with content that relates to those queries in a way that it optimizes new and old content. It’s at the discretion of Google to give the answer box to a site for an individual query. While you chase the latest trends, never forget your audience. It’s easy to leave core audience behind. That is, you still must focus on your existing audience and not just concentrating on the growing audience.

Voice search will affect SEO in some way. The change will bring some cons to some while pros to others. However, if you learn how to adapt, you can start optimizing your site for voice search. Although you can prepare your site for the upcoming trends, make sure that you’re giving your existing customers what they want.