Will Attorney SEO Drive The Right People to My Website?

attorney SEO

If you are running a bakery, then you opt for bakery SEO, if you are running a gaming site, then you need gaming SEO. If you operate within the legal industry, then you need Attorney SEO. It is not just a convenient buzz-phrase. The way that SEO works in the legal industry is different from how it works in other industries. That may sound obvious, but you will be surprised how many people use the word SEO (Search Engine Optimization) like some sort of blanket umbrella phrase that covers all forms of online search engine optimization.

Isn’t All SEO The Same?

No it is not. It used to be all the same. It used to be that people were stuffing keywords into metadata, backlinks, titles, and such. It used to be that all the SEO rules were the same, but that is not the case anymore.

A good example of how things have changed is the console gaming industry. You would think that social media is search engine friendly, but it is only really video sites that get any traction for game sellers and developers. You may think that good online reviews are what rank up well for console games, but they rank below the kids and adults who go YouTube and play the games. In other words, an SEO strategy for a game seller or developer would heavily involve video marketing. Yet, somebody trying to sell proofreading services would struggle to get any search engine attention at all if their focus were on videos. A proofreader would get more traction from blogs and online review websites.

If you are working in the legal industry, then you need a company that understands how your SEO is going to work. They need to understand where you should put all your efforts. For example, if you were selling bras, you could get a lot of search engine attention with an Instagram campaign, but very few in the legal industry are able to make an impact on Instagram.

Is There a Niche Area For The Legal Industry?

No, it is not a niche area of the internet. An experienced attorney SEO company can identify the sorts of online areas where a good marketing campaign would have plenty of impacts. They understand what topics to cover on their website, and if their website should have a blog, video tutorials, or even online tools.

For example, a bond issuing company could do well online with a few embedded videos, perhaps a few credit checking tools, or a few repayment tools, and perhaps some web pages and articles on the legal system and what to do next. These would be positive moves a bond issuing company could make in order to help them rank up the search engine results more easily. However, the same tactics would fall flat for most types of lawyers. Online tools would be useless to their users, as would a series of instructional articles (unless the lawyer only deals in one type of claim like accidents at work), so the addition of tools and such articles wouldn’t help that company’s SEO.

What you need is a company that understands what you do within the legal industry. You need a company that understands what will rank your company up in the search engine results and what will hold you back. The key to understanding Attorney SEO is understanding how it affects each type of business. The team at Website Depot Inc has years of experience helping companies in the legal industry make a bigger impact online. Get in touch today and see what Service Inc can do for you.