Why Your CBD SEO Needs Help From An Agency

Why Your CBD SEO Needs Help From An Agency

Modern SEO allows for the promotion of CBD and cannabis on a massive scale, so long as you are saying something positive about it. The industry is still being flooded with cash that ensures the positive reinforcement of any form of a cannabis product so long as it is not laced with another drug or tobacco. Yet, the actual selling of cannabis products is far more difficult and that is because few large companies are willing to tie their name to a drug that may be outlawed the next time a government regime changes.

This leads to an odd scenario where you can say positive things about cannabis products and see your web pages do very well, but if you try to sell cannabis products, then you have an uphill fight on your hands. This uphill fight is the reason you need an agency skilled in CBD SEO to help you.

It is All About Who You Know

This is a sad-but-true fact. Modern CBD companies are having a hard time breaking into the online SEO marketplace and are struggling to find real gains with their websites and social media accounts because they don’t know the right people. You need backlinks from the right websites, you need social media mentions from the right people, and you need the sort of attention that can’t be bought, it can only be borrowed.

Agencies have the right types of contacts, they can offer favors in return for favors. They can offer the sort of attention that helps drive your website up the search engine results.

There is Lots of Work Involved

Modern SEO demands a lot of your time and effort. You have to constantly stoke the fires of your popularity. It is more than one person can achieve. It is okay if you are selling knitted characters to nurseries because your competitors are few and far between. However, even though the CBD industry isn’t as competitive as many retail areas, there is a lot of money behind it.

The other people selling CBD products are backed by epic amounts of money. They are using teams to promote their services, and the only way you survive is to fight fire with fire. You need a team of your own. You need people who are working constantly, night and day, on your SEO if you want to compete. It is not something that a single person can do alone because while you sleep, your competitors stride further ahead and out of your reach.

Get The Right Type of Help

Perhaps one of the most important parts of your CBD SEO is getting the right type of help. As you know, there are a lot of SEO companies out there, and even though some of them are great, they don’t have the CBD industry experience. A butcher can use a knife, but you wouldn’t have them conduct open-heart surgery.

A retail SEO company may be good at helping to sell jeans, but they would flounder if they tried to promote a CBD website. Get the right type of help for your company, get the team at Website Depot Inc involved, and start making some real gains in the cannabis SEO online marketplace.