Why You Need a Professional Site Audit by an SEO Expert

Why You Need a Professional Site Audit by an SEO Expert

Digital marketing can be challenging to navigate, especially if you have other obligations as a business owner. Hiring a professional SEO Expert to conduct a comprehensive site audit can get you started on the right foot. Here’s how. 

What Is a Site Audit?

You can’t fully understand the importance of a site audit unless you understand what it is. An SEO site audit evaluates your online platform’s performance in search engines across multiple areas. 

Professional site audits reveal what’s working, what isn’t, and areas for improvement. This way, you can identify different techniques to improve search engine rankings and grow your brand. 

What Does a Site Audit Include?

A professional website audit includes six primary categories, including the following:

  • Site Health: This measures the framework and accessibility of a website, including aspects like page speed, links, metadata, and other information. Site health works as a jumping point for where to go next.
  • Site Security: This locates security vulnerabilities for your website and visitors. Site security audits help identify potential problem areas where you or your customers risk losing personal information. 
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: This component measures how your audience navigates through your site, including purchasing products and filling out forms. This helps inform us what needs to be improved and optimized. 
  • Google Penalty and Recovery: This component helps locate manual and algorithmic penalties. This information reports improvements in site speed and performance on mobile devices. 
  • Competitor Websites: We look at competitor sites to understand what’s working in your industry and what isn’t. We gain insight into the market and form a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.
  • Content and SEO: We use this component to measure how the online content on your page is performing. We look at site traffic, SEO issues, duplicate content, and other issues. This helps us understand what needs to be improved and what content style to develop. 

Why Do I Need a Professional Site Audit?

Without a site audit, it’s hard to understand what’s working and what isn’t. A professional website audit can help you keep up with changes in your industry, optimize your site for all platforms, identify areas of growth, and increase sales. 

All of these components help you develop a marketing strategy that’s tailored to your business and goals. 

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