Why Trust is So Important for Your Brand 

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At this point, you’ve probably read a lot about how your company needs to “be trusted.” 

A customer’s “trust” for a business can have multiple definitions. 

It could be that the customer “trusts” the business to do the job. 

“Trust” could mean that they know the business is going to provide a worthwhile service, again and again. 

It could also mean that they trust the business to make safety a priority. 

All of those are important. But, the last might be more important than ever. 



Being There in Times of Need 


Edelman is, in their own words, “a global communications firm that partners with businesses and organizations to evolve, promote, and protect their brands and reputations.” 

They recently did a study about “Brand Trust in 2020.” 

In their section titled “A Bigger Need for Trust,” they asked customers “why brand trust has become more important.” 

There were many different answers, several of which could pertain to your business. 

The most popular was: “the pandemic has increased my reliance on brands to keep me and my community safe.” 

Not at all far behind that was: “the pandemic has increased my reliance on brands to help me get through day-to-day challenges.” 

However, not all of the responses were pandemic-related. The third most popular was a concern about “brands are collecting more of my personal information.” 

No matter what your business does, there’s probably some way that people are more reliant upon it since the pandemic started. 

Even if your company isn’t necessarily an “essential” service, your customers still rely on you. Whether your company manufactures heavy duty trucks or sells eyelashes, your customers are more reliant on you during the pandemic than ever (even if it’s just for a good time, or something to take their mind off of things for a while). 



An Example from Spring/Summer 2020


In regards to the pandemic specifically, however, 44% of respondents said “I have recently started using a new brand because of the innovative or compassionate way they have responded to the virus outbreak.” 

That went up 7% points between April and June. 

Likewise, respondents said: “I have convinced other people to stop using a brand that I felt was not acting appropriate in response to the pandemic” went up 6% to 40% in that same time span. 

Unfortunately, the full effects of the pandemic aren’t going away any time soon. 

Showing your customers that you can be trusted to respond appropriately and focus on vulnerability is going to be more important than ever. 

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