Why Should You Invest in Blogs for ECommerce

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When it comes to ECommerce, some people tend to forget the importance of good content and think only about B2B experience. And while this is important, online businesses (specially small ones) can get multiple benefits from quality blogs and content. They builds trust, authority and boost search engine rankings just like in any other website. Blogs are also fundamental to drive organic search traffic, build brand awareness and generate leads.

In a recent report published by the Content Marketing Institute, “B2C marketers have used content marketing successfully over the last 12 months to create brand awareness, build credibility/trust, educate audience(s), build loyalty with existing customers, and more”. So brand using ecommerce platforms can get many benefits that couldn’t get through traditional marketing only.

Benefits of Blogging for ECommerce

Blogging for ECommerce is something worth analyzing. Among all internet users, shoppers are looking for answers the most. The nature of searches on the internet is basically to find solutions, to fulfill a task. Buying products like the ones you are offering falls in that category. So you can provide an answer for a shopper via blogging. Aside os the typical sales speech, you need to build confidence in your business and the products you’re offering. Succeeding in this necessarily moves customers to purchase.

Traffic is fundamental to generate leads and eventually, conversions. And blogging is excellent to generate traffic. In a recent blog, Hubspot mentioned that Websites with blogs receive 434% more indexed pages than those without them. With more indexed pages, your rankings have higher chances to increase and reach first positions. A blog that is properly optimized with the right keywords represents one potential users that will buy on your site. And by customizing that content to your particular business, you can generate conversions whether they are purchases, downloads or views.


Shopify is a great example of how powerful blogs are for ECommerce. Their blogging strategy itself have generated a 55% raise on their playing clients, and their revenues reach the $389 million. Shopify can achieve this by publishing keyword optimized blogs. And just like any traditional Search Engine Optimization, choosing the right keywords is the foundation of a satisfactory strategy. In this case, the right choice of keywords was one of the factors that made Shopify an authority in ECommerce.

Do People Really Read Blogs?

One of the most commonly asked questions between our clients is “do people really read blogs?”. Many marketers think the reason behind blogs is merely SEO; but the truth is blogs, particularly in ECommerce, are fundamental to lead clients to purchase decision. Aside of the right keyword optimization, the blog needs to provide accurate information about the products you’re selling.

When clients can read an informative blog about what they’re intending to buy, they can feel confident about their purchase and trust your brand. In fact, blogging is the #1 brand-building activity on the internet and one of the major ways to build loyalty. That’s why around 56% of marketers are increasing their content creation budgets in 2019. The loyalty you can build through blog posting on your ECommerce website can generate people not only to convert but what is most important, to go back to your site.

Good Things Require Time – So Does Blogging

Blogging, as an essential part of Search Engine Optimization, requires time to provide a return of investment. Publishing one blog will not generate leads right away. Sometimes it can even take you a year to generate proper rankings and thus, conversions. Blogs have a life beyond the moment you publish it.

As people read and share your blog, or find it on Google or reading a newsletter, the blog keeps on working behind scenes. When properly written and optimized, a blog can cling SERPs positions and generate traffic. And in the meantime people will continue to find it even throughout the years; specially if the blog is really good. This is an ongoing ROI that is achievable through good blogging.

Start Using Blogs for Your ECommerce Platform Right Away

Your ECommerce platform can benefit greatly. But such benefit is a long-term effect. The longer it takes you to start generating and posting blogs for your site, the longer it will take for you to receive traffic and get the results you want. Many marketers write their own blogs themselves with great results; after all, no one but you can write about your own business or share your thoughts or ideas about your products or your industry.

Many other marketers don’t have the time or the knowledge, or even the energy to invest in blogs. That’s where a Digital Marketing Agency like Website Depot comes in handy. We have a team of expert, bilingual content writers who can deliver excellent quality content that is engaging and properly optimized. If you need help in this matter contact us at (888) 477-9540.