Why online marketing (SEO) is better than yellow pages advertising

Are you the conservative type or is dynamic changing with time? Whichever type you are, it will determine how successful your business is. In the 21st century, everything has changed. One of the things that have brought about this revolution is the internet. The internet has simply changed how people communicate and interact. If you are in business, then you understand the importance of communication. There are several levels of communication in business and the most important is communication with your customers. This is typically through advertising.

Therefore, which is your most preferred adverting platform? How effective is it? Whichever adverting platform you use, does it allow you to beat your completion and increase sales? The main objective of adverting is reaching as many potential customers as possible and convincing them to buy whatever it is that they are looking for from you.

One of the conventional adverting methods is through the yellow pages. Another one used by modern adverting strategies is online marketing. Of the two, which one do you use? Here, you will find substantive reasons why you should be using online marketing over yellow pages.

The objective of adverting is to reach as many audiences as possible. Currently, the interonline marketingnet is used by almost everybody. There are hundreds of millions is social media platforms and almost everyone has to use the internet for one reason or another. On the other hand, yellow pages are limited. If it is the print yellow pages, your advert will only reach those who have access to the print booklet. It is worth noting that, not many people today use this booklet. It is not surprising to say that about 50% of those in the age bracket of 18 years and below do not know what yellow pages booklets look like.

Online marketing offers a wide range of adverting platforms. There is social media, search engines, article directories, blogs, backlinking services, and banners, etc. These platforms offer opportunities to reach more and more audiences. It is worth motioning that a single platform of internet marketing has the power to outclass yellow pages advertising. Of these services, search engines remain king. This can be through search engine ads or ranking of your website or blog. The latter is the best as it increases the chances of attracting organic traffic to your site.

If your business is global, then online marketing is not only effective but also cheap. A single post in your blog will reach millions. To reach such a scale of the audience using yellow pages would be very costly if possible. It would require making posts on yellow pages of every local target market. This is almost impossible because it takes longer and the costs involved are very huge. Even though yellow pages are currently online, they are not global; they are only good for local adverting.

The greatest risk of adverting through yellow pages is that you might not even be realized by potential customers looking for your services but do not know your company name. For example, the restaurant Eagle’s Nest – Hyatt Regency Indianapolis in Indianapolis. This restaurant would be under the letter E on yellow pages. Anyone reaching for a restaurant would go straight to the R category in the print yellow pages. Even if it is online yellow pages, the name does not have any words related to the hospitality industry. Therefore, it will be best to use an online marketing platform to advertise such a business.