Why It’s So Important to Get Help With Google Ads 

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Online advertising is perhaps the most powerful form of advertising ever designed. 

It’s also accessible to every business owner. 

This wasn’t the case for previous generations. Years ago, someone could pay to put their ad on the radio, but they couldn’t just broadcast it themselves. 

Now, with Google Ads and similar forms of advertising, you can be in complete control. 

We understand small business owners that want to handle their own online ads. After all, it’s your business. You started it, you grew it to where it is, and it makes sense to want to be in control. 

But, that could cause you to, at best, not get all that you can out of your Google Ads. Worse, it can cause you to lose your money and not get anything positive at all. That’s the kind of thing our Google Ads management company keeps from happening.  

I thought about that today when I read this sobering report. 



Click Fraud is Rampant Online 


In simple terms, “click fraud” is a way to lose money with online advertising without growing your customer base. It’s more or less the last thing you as a small business owner want to happen. 

Unfortunately, it happens all of the time. 

These findings from just last year show that “36% of display ad clicks are fraudulent or invalid.” 

So, on average, more than one-third of ad clicks on display ads aren’t anything, they’re just wasted money and resources. 

What’s perhaps more frightening than this is how “only 13% of accounts monitored had little to no fraudulent or invalid activity.” 

That means more than one in ten of every company’s online ad clicks aren’t real. That’s true across industries, platforms, etc. 

That’s an incredible amount of wasted money. 

In fact, as the study goes on to show, the average small business loses just under $15,000 annually due to this. 

That number goes way, way up for bigger businesses. 

Think about your business: odds are you don’t have $15 to just lose. 

The question then becomes “how can you keep this from happening?” 



How to Protect Your Business While You Grow 


The answer is: by getting help. 

Here at our Google Ads management company, we tailor our ad strategy to the client. We can take care of it to the extent that you would like. 

What we do, no matter what, is keep this fraud from happening to you. 

Drawing upon our experience, we can work to make your online ads work for you. A good way to think of it is we put them in a position where they can succeed. Think of it like a billboard: we can make sure your ads go into the right place in the right way. 

To learn more about how we can help your business to grow, you can reach us at (888) 477-9540.