Why Is Your Website Not Showing Up on Google?

Why Is Your Website Not Showing Up on Google

It’s frustrating to know that your site is still nowhere to be found on Google after you have done every search engine optimization trick you can find online. But you have to remember that several things could prevent your site from appearing in Google. Thankfully, there are fixes that you can implement to mitigate it. 

Search Engine Optimization Tips to Ensure Your Site Shows Up on Google 

Before we talk about the tricks you can do to fix the issue, let’s first know the reasons for this problem. 

The site is still new. Keep in mind that it takes time for Google to discover new sites. To check if Google knows your site, go to google.com and type in site: your website. If you get one result, then Google already knows your site. 

Blocks search engines. You can tell the search engines to stop showing your pages in the search results. If you have a no-index meta tag, then that page will not be indexed. 

Stops search engines from crawling pages. If you have a robots.txt file, it tells search engines where they can and can’t go to your site. Google will not crawl URLs blocked in the said file. 

Tricks to Help Your Site Show Up on Google 

If your site is one-year-old, it should show up on Google. If you are not blocking the search engines from crawling and indexing your site, then you should follow the tips below. 

Obtain High-Quality Links 

You need to prove to Google that you deserve to rank. It uses a great number of factors to rank a site but links from unique sites tend to be a strong factor. For instance, if your competition has more backlinks, then its sites will show up and not yours. 

There are many ways to obtain high-quality links. But the most vital thing is to publish valuable content to your website. Every time you publish a post, ask yourself whether or not it offers value to your user. If not, don’t publish it. 

Improve Site Authority

PageRank remains a vital factor in Google’s ranking algorithm. But it discontinued public PR scores. Thus, it is impossible to see how the PR of the page stacks up against top-ranking sites. But you can use domain authority to find out your score. The higher the score, the better authority your site holds. 

To boost your site’s authority, make sure to build more backlinks and continue adding more internal links. Get the help of our professional SEO experts to boost your site’s authority by building backlinks. 

Align Pages with Search Intent 

Google ranks the most useful results for each search. Thus, you need to provide content that aligns with search intent. For instance, if the keyword phrase is “blue Nike shoes,” the searchers don’t want to know what the shoes look like. Instead, they simply want to know where to buy blue Nike shoes. 

How to align your pages with search intent? It’s not as simple as you want it to be. But our search engine optimization team will be there to help you out. Call us here for consultation: (855) 605-7361.