Why Investing in SEO Services Gives You Good Results

Investing in SEO Services

Even though digital marketing is in everyone’s mouth in 2019, the truth is there are still many business owners who ignore the importance of investing in SEO Services. We witness it every single day and as a Search Engine Optimization company, we strive to educate our clients. This is like that because we want them to know what they’re getting from us and make them understand how this practice can really make their business grow.

A recent study revealed that companies that invest a budget above average in SEO Services are more likely to reach their goals. In the USA, such an average is $497.16 per month. So those businesses spending $500 monthly are 53.3% more likely to have high satisfaction rates than those spending a lower amount. 

Investing in SEO Services

Investing in SEO Services in 2019

Entrepreneurs and small businesses usually rely on three sources to acquire their SEO Services:

  • Google searches
  • Referrals
  • Reviews on Google, Yelp, and other websites

Around 75% of business owners say the reputation of such services is “very” or “extremely” important at the moment of making a decision to hire them. Another important factor they keep in mind is the location of the SEO service provider. When it comes to the expectations business owners have on these services, most of them want to attract new customers, generate more conversions, and thus, make more money. They also want to generate bigger brand awareness. In general, those who work with digital marketing agencies reported better results and a higher level of satisfaction than those who worked with freelancers.According to the study we cited lines above, only 30% of business owners would recommend their current service provider. Such level of unsatisfied expectation is rooted in:

  • Poor results
  • Bad customer service
  • Low responsiveness from SEO service providers.

In our 10 years of experience as a search engine optimization expert agency, we sadly proved these facts right. Many of our clients and prospects have reached us in disbelief or complaining about their past SEO experiences. The most common complaint is that their last provider took their money for several months and they saw little to no results. It’s also very common to hear about miscommunication or confusing data they don’t understand nor is reflected in actual, palpable results.

A good Friend for Startups and Small Businesses

In their disbelief and mistrust (and they have their reasons), business owners miss one important point about SEO. Google’s algorithm favors star ups in its organic search results by giving them the upper positions on search engine results pages (SERPs). Several updates ago Google started shifting its algorithms to favor businesses that improved the quality of their websites with the proper use of keywords and a satisfactory user experience.Semantic SEO is another trait that favors startups in their organic search efforts. Semantic SEO is basically a technique in which you build the value of a targeted keyword by using it in content that is informative and useful to your users. It requires going to a deeper meaning about the user’s purpose and incorporating it into your content in a strategic way.Voice and visual search are also increasingly popular; especially for startups. Even though entrepreneurs might find these efforts pricey, the truth is the voice and visual search are extremely convenient for consumers. Audiovisual media provides easier access to information and a much more accurate description of what users are looking for.

Achieve your Business Goals with SEO

Digital marketing has many tactics to make a business reach a wider audience, make them establish it as a brand leader, and make them more money. Among all those techniques, SEO remains the most important when it comes to revealing useful data. Proper SEO research will help determine, for example, what are the target audiences specifically looking for. Effective SEO services go beyond keyword research, on-page optimization, and content: they also deliver such useful data.The data derived from your SEO efforts allow you to go to the core of the target audience’s behavior. It can also help you to shape your business direction. Therefore, you can create more value to those keywords that are useful to determine what your prospects are looking for. With this data of your keyword’s behavior, you can create other new keywords based on them and eventually replace those with medium or low search volume.SEO drives higher revenue and conversions than social media or any other strategy. Search engines are still the main source of information for those internet users looking for businesses like yours. As long as your SEO strategy keeps up with Google’s best practices, you have to get good rankings sooner or later. Organic search traffic converts 400 times better than other traffic; except maybe for email marketing. If you are interested in investing in SEO Services SEO Service with crystal-clear data and reporting, call SEO Service Inc at (888) 400-1803.