Why Do So Many SEO Service Van Nuys Branches Go Bust?

SEO Service Van Nuys

If we drop the pretense, why do so many SEO service Van Nuys branches go bust? Is it the area, the work ethic, local taxes? Is it a sign of the times, a sign of the industry, or an indictment of SEO services as a whole?

Anybody Can Call Themselves an SEO Service?

Perhaps the biggest reason why so many SEO services go bust, in general, is because the term “SEO service” is not a protected title. Anybody can start a business and call themselves an SEO service. What’s more, it is not like calling yourself a hunting club or a nightclub because in those cases you actually have to engage in provable hunting or serving of alcohol. You can call yourself an SEO service and do nothing at all, and you can still call yourself an SEO service.

Since anybody can call themselves an SEO service, from a multinational company to a young girl in her bedroom, it is hardly surprising that so many of them go bust. In short, many of them were never real companies in the first place.

Working Zero Hour Contracts as Self-Employed People

There are many areas in California where people are easily hired by online companies and by technology companies. However, these companies do not want to pay them a minimum wage or offer them a real job. So, they ask the potential worker to go self-employed. They then pay the self-employed person whatever low wage they like and it doesn’t matter because it is all legal and above board. In many cases, these workers call themselves SEO workers or they set up single-person businesses as SEO consultants. That way, they can charge their bills to technology companies and online companies without raising any concerns with the IRS.

When the tech companies are finished paying the worker a pittance, they stop paying the invoices, the worker goes from self-employed to unemployed, and yet another SEO company goes out of business.

Setting Up an SEO Business For Tax Benefits

The benefits of setting up an SEO company in California will extend to more than being able to work for technology companies for a couple of dollars per hour. The people who set up businesses can also offset whatever they declare against a whole slew of businesses expenses, from charging an amount of their rent, to the upkeep of their computer software. Again, once the person running the SEO company is done with the tax benefits, he or she closes the company and yet another SEO company has gone bust.

Is it All About Scams and Taxes?

No, there are some legitimate SEO companies out there and many of them fail because it is a tough basis. Selling something like SEO to a company is difficult because people like to see what they are paying for, and good SEO has a very long-term effect that isn’t instantly visible. The SEO industry is a tough nut to crack. That is why, if you are searching for SEO service Van Nuys, then you need to find a company that has plenty of experience. You need a company like Website Depot Inc.