Why Choose an Agency For Your SEO in Phoenix

Why Choose an Agency For Your SEO in Phoenix

Wait a minute, shouldn’t we be hiring freelancers? After all, they prop up small businesses, they make it so that anybody can find help at the right price, and they contribute to the overall wealth of our nation. Without freelancers, only the very rich would ever make any progress, and we would be overcharged for everything. Freelancers are our friends, so why shouldn’t we be hiring them for their SEO Phoenix experience and services?

Modern SEO is Done By Agencies

These days, SEO is not about stuffing keywords and picking the right ALT text for your images. These days, SEO is all about the user experience and about how much attention and popularity your web pages receive. Getting this sort of attention is difficult if you don’t have the right mechanisms in place.

Modern SEO agencies are able to generate the right sort of attention that gets your website ranked up the searches. Modern SEO agencies are also able to target the right types of people while alienating the sorts of people who may draw the wrong types of attention to your website.

This is a big job, it is a difficult job, and it takes more than just a person or person’s working from his/her/their bedroom. An agency is needed in order to run a modern, professional and effective SEO campaign.

Freelancers Are Suitable For Small Ad-Hoc Services

There is a place for freelancers, but it is not at the head of your SEO campaign. You should hire freelancers to do the one-off jobs for your website that an agency would overcharge you for. For example, Google created the WebP format for images. It is a fancy new way of putting images on websites and savings space, and now they want everybody to use their new format on their websites.

However, some websites have literally thousands of images on them that now need converting, re-uploading, along with keeping all their ALT text, titles, descriptions, and such.

Changing all the images on a single website would cost thousands if you had an SEO agency do it for you, so you hire a freelancer on a project-by-project basis. You get some quotes, pick the best freelancer for you, and get your images converted to the more SEO-friendly format without breaking the bank.

Do You Need Help From An Industry Leader?

As of the last ten years, the most prominent SEO Phoenix service has been Website Depot Inc. The SEO landscape has changed quite a bit in that time, and the SEO team has gone from driving organic backlinks from high-authority websites to driving attention through the use of big data and machine learning.

The team’s ability to keep up with the evolution of modern search engines is why Website Depot Inc is now the biggest and most effective SEO company in Phoenix, and the success doesn’t stop there. SEO Service is still undergoing expansions, adding departments, adding staff, and adding more technology to further improve how effective the SEO team can be for its clients. If you need help with your SEO, or you need a powerful team to drive your SEO campaign then get in touch with the experts at Website Depot Inc today.