Why Attracting Only 5 People Per Week Per Article Should Be Your Goal

“The foolish man who built his house on sand.” That was a quote from the bible, and it suggests that one needs a strong foundation if one wishes to build anything meaningful. Selling SEO services the way we do at SeoExpertDanny.com is viciously difficult. Not only do we have to fight to push back against what people believe about SEO, we often have to convince people about ideas that they are just unable to grasp because their thoughts are too muddied with the notion of what modern SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is all about.

Jump For Joy – Only Five Viewers Per Week

The aim, the goal, the quest is not to get five viewers per week, but just five viewers per week is not a bad thing if you are running your campaign correctly. If you are not building your house on sand, then five viewers per week is what you want, and hopefully this article will help you understand why.

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 Takes Work To Build a Foundation

If you start out with hundreds of viewers per week, do you know what you end up with? You end up with hundreds of disappointed people. Building a long-term readership/viewership takes years of honing in order to get it right. That learning process is what builds a website up to an insurmountable lead.

Take a look at how Wikipedia learned as it went. It discovered that it couldn’t afford to hire writers, so it let the public do most of the work. They discovered that offering royalty free images was the way to go, and that people should present sources, and that they should introduce rules to what sort of thing can be written about. It took painful growth to turn their generic encyclopedia into a worldwide recognised brand.

IT Targeting Means Fewer Visitors

Let’s say you are getting five viewers per week. It may not be your SEO failure that is to blame. Your website may be so well optimised that you “ONLY” attract your target audience. For example, if you were selling lawn mowers, and you only attracted five sales per week, then which would you prefer? Would you prefer those five viewers per week, or 3500 viewers per week with still only five buyers?

SEO Isn’t Just a Traffic Attraction Tool – It is Also a Gatekeeper

What if 3500 people wanted to look at your website, but only people who were going to buy were allowed to see it? Does such a device exist? Yes it does, it exists as part of your affiliate Pay Per Click campaign (a campaign we at SeoExpertDanny.com can set up), or it exists as your SEO. Most people think SEO is all about ranking up on the search engine results, but that is not the case. You can rank up for any old mixture of words if you wish.

The primary aim of SEO is to get the “Right People” to your website, and that is what good website SEO does. This means that a successful website could easily have as few as five viewers per week.