An SEO Agency Answers! Why Are Bigger Websites Always On Google’s First Page?

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Is it that the bigger companies work with a certain SEO agency, the same way that groups of celebrities all work under one agency? Is it that larger websites throw lots of money at the SEO problem? Do search engines favor larger websites? Are there back-room deals that get larger websites dominant positions on search engines? The answer is, all of the above. For those reasons and more, larger websites rank highly on search engine results page, and will often dominate in all areas that are powered by search engines.

How Does This Affect You?

There are a few things you can take away from knowing all of this. The first is that you need a SEO agency. You need a company to do your SEO because you will not be able to compete on your own. We are past the point where smaller companies and smaller websites are able to compete on a level playing ground. There are just too many companies working around the clock to dominate.

Secondly, you need to stop trying to shoot for the top spot. No matter how much money you pay affiliate programs, no matter how much you pay per click, and no matter how many SEO services you buy, you will not dominate at the top of Google because multi-billion dollar companies are taking those top spots. Your goal is to simply stand in the background. Your goal is to soak up the overflow customers and traffic. The more you try to compete on even terms, the more money you are going to waste.

Is This Bad News?

The bigger companies have the Internet all tied up. This shouldn’t come as a surprises, and where you may be saddened that your website will never rank above Amazon’s, it is nothing to be sad about. You simply need to find an SEO agency that knows how to play the search engine game. The constant fighting between larger companies means there are often gaps in the user base, gaps in the market, and plenty of opportunities for smaller SEO companies to jump in and soak up customers and new followers. They key to your success is in finding a good SEO company.

Try to find a company that talks about methods rather than results. You do want results, but promising results is easy. What you want are real answers to your questions. Your job is to find SEO companies that tell you what they are going to do and why it will help your website and your brand.