What’s the Right Way to Think About Search Engine Updates?

When Google announces something, marketers will panic.

That’s especially true if it would publish updates to its algorithm. It’s probably because a lot of marketers and website owners would wonder how the changes would affect their sites’ rankings.

If your business relies heavily on search rankings, you probably have a stress disorder induced by Google. To keep your sanity, there are things that you must do to think about how to react with search engine updates.

Google doesn’t owe you anything.

It’s not a civil right to rank in the search engines. That is your site doesn’t deserve to be found by Google or other search engines. It’s not the kind of service that they promised. Unfortunately, most of us think that because of the hard work that we do just for our content to be found by search engines, we believe that we’re entitled to a better position on the results page.

But it doesn’t necessarily work that way.

If you always think that Google owes you for anything and that you’re entitled to receive better rankings, you’ll surely get more frustrated.

However, if you think the opposite, then you won’t panic every time an announcement is made about some search engine updates.

Use the tools available for what they are ideal for

Don’t use SEO tools only because you want your site to rank higher. Instead, use them to help you tweak your content without causing harmful effects to your human readers. Utilize those simple tools that can optimize your content more efficiently.

If your company has enough resources to hire a strong SEO team, that’s fine. However, if you can’t genuinely afford it, you must not try it. You must always remember that SEO is a long game. You may use other ways to engage your audience.

Serve your target market

Google and other search engines emphasize the importance of putting your audience first. That is, you must first help the people who might be your customers or clients. Google isn’t your client. It may never be. Thus, you must only create content that interests your customers and meets their needs.

It’s also important to remember that Google is just one of the many ways that people will find your site.

Google and other search engines shift now and then. Changes come abruptly. But that doesn’t really mean that you have to go along with the change. Instead, you should develop a sustainable approach at the very beginning. In this way, you won’t panic every time updates come your way.