What YouTube Handles Mean for Your Business?

What YouTube Handles Mean for Your Business

Recently, YouTube announced that it was going to introduce handles. The feature will make it easier for members of the community to connect. Now, how are you going to use this new feature for your marketing strategy? Consult with our marketing guru Danny Star today. 

Marketing Guru Danny Star on How to Leverage YouTube Handles 

The personalized URL of every creator will be used as the handle. But the new handles will be different from the original channel names. That is, they are unique to help establish a different presence on this video-sharing platform. 

YouTube stated that it will roll out the ability to choose a handle for all channels. As a creator, you will get an email and will be notified in YouTube Studio when you can choose yours. If you want a different handle from your personalized URL for your channel, you can change it. 

The new handle can be helpful for your business. That is, it will help your company get noticed on Shorts. Others can also easily find your corporation on YouTube. You can also use it to identify your business and connect with other communities. And if your audience knows your handle, they can easily tag you using the new handle. 

Will You Lose Your Verification Badge When Changing Your Handle? 

When choosing a handle, your verification badge is intact. But if you change your channel name, your badge will be removed and you will need to re-apply. It will prevent impersonation. 

Will This Change Your YouTube Marketing? 

It will not affect how you market your YouTube channel. However, it will impact how your audience will reach you. As mentioned, the new handles allow your potential customers to reach you easily. Thus, when you pick a new handle, make sure that it represents your business. 

But don’t just focus on handles. Instead, your videos must be optimized. That is, each video must have a unique title and description. The titles must be clear and compelling. Make searchers curious about your content. Or you should consider a title that will tell them you are solving a problem. 

Danny Star’s marketing services include YouTube marketing strategies. These would include optimizing the video’s title and description. The team will also conduct keyword research to find out what the viewers are searching for. Then, the marketing team will market your YouTube channel on various social media sites. But don’t just market it on social media. Use the best marketing strategy on how to share the video on a timeline or feed that offers the most impact. 

Marketing YouTube Channels 

Promoting your YouTube channel will include the use of the platform’s various tools, including the new handles. But you should not stop there. Rather, you must learn how to use YouTube Analytics to better understand your audience. 

Unfortunately, the figures that you see can be overwhelming. If you wish to find out more about those numbers you are getting, then make sure to book a consultation with our marketing guru Danny Star here:  +1 (213) 322-0770