What Your Business Can Learn From the Termite Extermination Industry 

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Not something pleasant to think about. 

Hopefully, you and I never have to hire a termite exterminator. 

Then again, if I ever do, I’m going to do plenty of research to find the best one. 

Since termites are never going away (not in any of our lifetimes), there’s always going to be a need for termite extermination. 

In such a challenging marketplace, termite exterminators have to stand out. 

As part of my daily reading for our full-service digital marketing and online reputation management services company, I found this great article about ways that termite exterminators can improve their marketing in spring 2021. There’s plenty here for your company, regardless of industry, too. 



Educate (and Entertain) 


A study found that only “35 to 41 percent of respondents across the millennial, Gen X, and baby boomer generations indicated they would call a professional if faced with termites.” 

(I, personally, would be one of the 65 to 59 percent.) 

That said, it’s a challenge in their industry to make customers understand what a professional can do. 

The key? 


That education can take many forms. 

It could be blogs explaining what all termites can do. Video marketing showing, in clear graphic detail, what happens if termites are left alone. 

Additionally, it could be a podcast about clients they’ve helped. Pictures showing the exterminators going through their jobs. 

What I really liked about this article is that it says to “balance education with entertainment to ensure your materials not only grab people’s attention but resonate with them as well.” 

Termite exterminators face a challenge here because some of that is, well, gross. It can be disgusting to see termites, termites eating, the results of them eating through your home, their extermination, and so forth. 

So, it takes balance. 

Balance showing their threat with how you can help. Making a “how-to” guide for ways to prepare your home that’s balanced with some success stories from your company. 

That’s true for any business. 

Your marketing should incorporate different platforms as well as kinds of content. That’s not to say that you should spread yourself too thin. There are companies that will be much better served by focusing on Instagram, or web design, than updating their Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and more every day. 

But, by incorporating balance, you can show your business in the best light. 



“Become a Resource” 


In the article, it discusses how a termite exterminator should reach out to local news journalists. The idea here is that then, when there’s a story about termites, exterminators, pests, old buildings, or anything similar, the local news journalists will go to the termite exterminator for comment. Then, those clips will run on the news, thus putting the termite exterminator in front of more people who may want their business. 

Does that sound familiar? 

Right, it’s not dissimilar to online marketing. 

However, there are ways to make your business, regardless of what it is, seen as a resource. The answer: have great content. 

To use an example from our own company, we have plenty of attorney clients. So many of them have top-notch, fantastic content that people turn to. Even if someone’s far out of an attorney’s state, they could learn quite a bit from a well-written “what to do after a vehicular accident” blog. 

Something that helpful is going to have the best chance to climb higher on the Google rankings. Then, more people will see it, which makes it all the more likely that someone to reach out to our attorney clients when they need an attorney. 

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