What Your Business Can Learn from the Healthcare Industry 

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Healthcare is unlike any other industry. 

To use a crude analogy, you may never need to buy a space heater. But, at some point in your life, you’re going to have to go to the hospital. 

Like any other industry, however, healthcare had to respond to the pandemic. While all industries were affected by the pandemic, perhaps none were affected as greatly as healthcare. 

This article covers a “freewheeling panel discussion” including “upper-level health-tech execs.” In it, there are lessons for your company, no matter what industry you’re in. 



Seeing What Hasn’t Worked So You Can Improve It 


There was a quote early in the article that struck me. 

“The pandemic has exposed some of the deeper cracks that were in our industry, stemming from legacy thinning, legacy systems, and legacy regulatory challenges.” 

To translate that: “the pandemic showed there were serious problems in our industry. Many of them already existed, but the pandemic hit them. Hard. Much of these problems were due to old, outdated thinking.” 

I’m willing to bet that, no matter what industry you’re in, you probably encountered some of that. 

One possible solution came from another panelist. “There’s so much technology that advanced very, very quickly during the pandemic. Now we need to be able to support and advance.” 

Your company or industry may not have set up “chatbot technologies” or the other examples given in this article.

But, you probably did do something new to address the pandemic. To use our clients as an example, so many improved their websites. They boosted their eCommerce site. They offered delivery or pick-up services. 

Now, the challenge moving forward is to build upon that, to “support and advance,” as the panelist says. 

That could mean expanding into virtual events. It could be offering more value through videos, podcasts, and more. That too is a kind of support. 



How to Best Utilize Your Online Presence


Later in the discussion, one of the panels laid out exactly what a company should put on their app or site. 

“What are the functionalities that patients/consumers/people that are interacting with our health systems most want and want most easily?’ They’re saying, ‘I want to make an appointment. I want to get the information about how to get there. How much is it going to cost? Where am I going? How do I get my results? Where do I interact? How do I find a doctor?’ When you step back and look at the things people want on the front end, that’s what you’re going to put on an app.” 

Again, you may not be in an industry where all of that is applicable. 

Your logging business may not have a lot to do with helping folks to find a doctor. 

But, thinking about what should be on your “front end” can help quite a bit. 

Think of the questions someone might have about your business that are similar to the ones the panelist posed. 

Maybe instead of “how do I get my results,” for your business it’s “how do I know which product is right for me?” Perhaps your equivalent of “how do I find a doctor” it’s “how do I find someone who can help me?” 

Once you figure all of that out, you can put it on the “front end.” That could be on your app, site, or elsewhere. 



The Health of Your Business


Here at Website Depot, we can’t exactly provide you with healthcare. 

But, we can help with the “healthcare” of your business. Really, that’s what each of our full service digital marketing strategy services are built around. 

With your digital marketing, SEO, web design, and so much else, we can fix what ails it. Then, we can make it healthier than ever, so that it can grow right. 

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