What Your Business Can Learn from Pizza Marketing 

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When I stumbled across an article about “pizza brand marketing strategy,” I had questions. One big question, actually: “pizza doesn’t market itself?” 

Of course, here at Website Depot, we’re proud to have many restaurant clients. Plenty of them serve delicious, incredible pizza. It’s our job to make sure that those restaurant clients get in front of as many people as possible. 

When people see that pizza and hear about the ingredients, they usually want some. (That’s literally just human nature.) 

The truth is that everything (even something as omnipresent and beloved as pizza) needs its own online marketing, branding and SEO, and more.

This article, however, had some great advice about far more than just deep dish. Even if your company’s industry is as far from serving  pizzas as possible, there may be something you could learn from how pizza marketers are approaching late 2020 and early 2021. 



A Matter of Trust 


The phrase “trust economy” may sound like an oxymoron. 

In this article, however, the authors define the “trust economy” as “marked by the desires of consumers for brands to demonstrate social responsibility, while also actively listening and taking data privacy seriously. Restaurant marketers must place this trust economy at the forefront of their strategies.” 

The article goes on to say that a study “found more than a third of U.S. consumers are spending more time thinking about their roles in their local and global communities. Consumers want to find a connection and purpose in the brands they purchase from. So, restaurant brands and their leadership must find ways to make meaningful societal contributions.” 

For restaurants and places that serve pizza, of course, that may be simpler than for other industries. After all, they can donate several pizzas to hospitals, charities, food banks, people waiting in line to vote, shelters, and so forth. Their business and their industry make it possible to do that quickly and organically. 

However, as Danny is so fond of saying, “there’s always something you can do.” Even if your business can’t donate pizzas, there’s something you can do to help to build that kind of “trust economy” with your customer base. 

You know what they value (or at least, you should). Moreover, you certainly know what you and your business value. So, from there, you can figure out a good way for you to be active in the community, simply. 

From that, there’s certainly nothing wrong with making blogs, social media posts, videos, podcasts, and more about what you’re doing. It’s not “bragging about charity” exactly, rather, it’s showing positivity when some folks may be having a rough time. 

The point of this messaging is not “look at all what we’re doing.” Rather, it’s “we have the same values that you do.” 



Connection and Responsibility 


Collecting your customers’ data is a responsibility. 

Every time someone gives you their credit or debit card, whenever they type in their name and address, it means something. 

This article about pizza marketing talks about how “brands must put the right privacy policies in place that allow for the responsible management of customer data.” 

Of course, the solution to this is not “stop collecting their data.” Definitely not. After all, as you probably already knew, and as this article states, “with (the customers’ data) in hand, personalized content can be created for customers that will help build connections that result in lifelong loyalty.” 

So, security is paramount. 

For many of our clients, for example, across a wide spectrum of industries, we help direct them (or even set them up with) online security solutions. 

Once you have that data, of course, you can do some powerful targeting. Just to use an example from this article: “Is (the pizza) customer a 35-year-old man with a child at home? Then, a coupon for 15% off a pizza plus a kids meal would probably get some pickup.” 

Obviously, you don’t have to sell pizzas to see how this can work for you.

So, to recap, using your business to do even a little good in your community can go a long way towards building greater trust with your customers. On top of that, beefing up your security in regards to your customers’ data does wonders too. It even allows you to target your marketing better. 

Additionally: pizza. 

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