What You Can Learn from Carwash Marketing 

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The pandemic hit many industries hard. 

Few, perhaps, were struck as hard as the carwash industry. 

Speaking for myself, I certainly haven’t thought much about getting a car wash. After all, when you’re worried about getting basic supplies, staying safe, and similar concerns, concerns such as “does my Jeep need the clay bar treatment” tend to take a back seat. 

So, I was intrigued to read this article about “2021 Key Marketing Trends” for the carwash industry. After all, a carwash can be put off but it’s something that everyone absolutely has to do. 

As I read this article (for my daily work at our full-service online marketing in Los Angeles company) I realized there was much in here that could help just about any business. 



“Local, Local, Local” 


In regards to real estate, you’ve heard “location, location, location.”

Car washes are like that. 

The “location” matters, rather, it’s important that your car wash is tied to your location. 

After all, no one downloads a hot wax. 

Competition is fierce. If you’re a local business, odds are you aren’t “the only” business like yours in your area. 

So, having great outreach and rapport with your community is crucial. 

The article highlights a few of them, but think of all of the ways that car wash facilities reach out to the community. Discounts, deals, events, sponsorships, food drives, and more. Just taking those actions highlights your company. 

It puts your company out there, in front of people, in a positive context they’re likely to remember. Of course, on top of that, it’s also the right thing to do. 

There’s really no better time than now to do something like that, too. As the pandemic continues and folks look to “right the ship,” there are more opportunities than ever to give back. 

It doesn’t have to be something big. 

Any business can do this. Then, of course, you can put it on your social media, video channels, and more. 

“Recycling” is a good analogy here. 

Everything your company does, each positive action, can be “recycled.” That means you can use it in your videos, social media, and so much more. 

Doing good in the world while creating content, putting your company in a better position to control your branding – that’s more than a “win-win.” It’s like a “win-win-win-win.” 



Targeted SEO 


Much of what we do here is based on “Local SEO.” 

While we have many digital clients, a majority of what we do is to help small businesses to exceed in their area.

Like any powerful tool, SEO has to be utilized properly. 

SEO just about always puts your company in front of more people. 

However, if it isn’t used in the right way, your company could be put in front of more people than ever before… only causing you to lose money. 

Return to the example of a car wash. 

If you get someone new to SEO and inexperienced with it, they might make it so that you get as many clicks as possible. However, those clicks could be from hundreds of miles away, across state lines, or even in other countries. 

It doesn’t do your Peoria car wash much good if someone in Dubai reads up on your tire foam services. 

By having the right SEO professionals at your side, you can use it to get more customers in your area. 

For help with this and just about anything else related to growing your business, you can reach our full-service online marketing in Los Angeles company at (888) 477-9540.