What to Learn About Marketing from the Telehealth Industry 

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To paraphrase the old line, if you haven’t heard of “telehealth,” you will soon. 

Formerly the “tech of the future,” it’s very much the “tech of the now.” 

Getting medical treatment can be difficult and time-consuming, even if you have good insurance. Telehealth is designed to work around that. To explain it in very broad strokes, you can receive an examination and a diagnosis from a medical professional without stepping into an office. It could use videoconferencing, texting, and so forth. 

Clearly, there are limitations to this (no one’s doing surgery over the phone, for example). But, it can be a literal life-saver. For one, it absolutely excels in helping people in an emergency to manage or minimize their pain before determining if they need to go to an emergency room, urgent care, etc. 

Recently, our digital marketing and search engine optimization service read an article about how pharmaceutical companies and other medical professionals can adapt their digital marketing for  There are lessons that your business can take from marketing this rapidly-advancing, exciting technology. 



Lead with Empathy 


When it comes to a person’s health and their person, obviously, empathy is key. Making any decision about your health is going to be extremely personal and emotional, so it makes sense to be as empathetic as possible. 

However, that’s true for just about any company. Especially now. With money tight and times as uncertain as ever, even people who are doing well feel stressed. You can put empathy at the forefront of what you’re doing whether you’re selling paint, vacations, education, or anything else. 

That’s not to say, of course, that you should condescend, or to go on about gloom and doom. But, while we (hopefully) left quite a bit behind in 2020, using empathy at the beginning of your marketing efforts should carry into 2021 and beyond. 



Using All of the Marketing Channels Available 


Telehealth is based on that idea. Instead of limiting medical assistance to in-person meetings, it uses video, texting, and much else. 

You should use a similar approach to your marketing. Depending on your business as well as who you’re targeting, there might be more technologies available than you may think. 

For example, here at our digital marketing and search engine optimization service, we’ve expanded into TikTok marketing. Not long ago, TikTok was just getting off the ground in America. Now, it’s able to reach as many people as any other platform. Where it had just been a platform to reach the youth, now you can use it to reach people of all ages. 

By utilizing all of the tools available, you’ll be able to grow your company’s reach. For help with that, we’re here at (888) 477-9540.