What to Do When Your Company Doesn’t Take a Strategic Approach to Content

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When it comes to your content, does it feel like you’re always making it up as you go along? Does it seem like you don’t really have a strategy, but rather you’re just trying stuff out to see if it works? 

If so, you aren’t alone. 

A recent study found that many businesses don’t really have a strategic approach to content. 

For some companies, that may not be an issue. For most, however, it can be one more factor that’s holding them back from greater success. 

With a few tweaks here and there, your company can create better content as well as a better way to create that content. 



Strategic Approach Defined 


For the purposes of this study, “strategic approach to managing content” was defined as “an approach that involves setting up processes, people, and technology to better scale and deliver content with the intent to improve the overall customer experience.” 

Many of the most common reasons for lacking a strategic approach share similarities. 

For example, the study found that the second most common reason why organizations don’t approach content in this fashion is that “leadership hasn’t made it a priority.” However, the fifth most common reason was “leadership doesn’t view content as something that needs to be strategically managed.” 

Maybe a company can get by without leadership emphasizing content. However, if you really want to stand out in your industry against your peers, then you will probably need better content. “Leadership” on this, doesn’t have to come from the CEO, of course (although it can). Rather, it could just be having someone at an executive level overseeing content. 

That leads right into the third and fourth most common reasons that companies don’t approach content like this: “lack of financial investment in resources” and “organizational culture” respectively. 

If the company isn’t willing to invest in content, then its content will reflect it. 

It is like anything else in life. If you don’t want to pay for it, odds are you will receive something of low quality.

Business owners understand this when it comes to materials and supplies. The same holds true for content. 

“Investing resources,” contrary to this study, doesn’t just have to refer to money. It could be having employees spend more time on content. It could include giving them the sort of equipment and more they would need to make the sort of content that really does stand out. 



The Number One Factor 


All of the above factors mentioned can be overcome. Indeed, the number one reason why organizations don’t take a strategic approach to managing content is a “lack of processes.” 

They don’t have processes in place (or, in many cases, even the idea of processes in place). There can be a feeling among some companies that content is a thing that just “happens.” As if they can point a person in their 20’s (or older) in the direction of a computer or phone and content will appear on its own, as if by magic. 

It doesn’t work that way. 

With clear, easy to follow processes in place, a company can overcome just about anything (be it lack of leadership, financial resources, and much else) to create great content. 

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