What the “Top Spot” on Google Really Means: And How to Get There 

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“I want to be at the top of Google.” 

“When people search for keywords that have to do with my business, I want to be the first thing they see.” 

This might be the most common request we get. 

Of course, you want the top spot on Google for your business. 

You’re what’s most associated with the keyword. Most people don’t scroll to the bottom or even the middle of the first page, let alone go to a second page. I could link all kinds of studies here, but really, just think about the Google searches you’ve done. 

That said, there are some facts that people have to know about what the “top spot” on Google really is. Moreover, other factors may come into play, as our Google certified partner company can show you. 



The “First Position” Isn’t Always the Top Spot 


If you’ve got a second, search for something on Google right now. 

For many searches, the “top result” is an ad. 

Sure, someone else is the “top result on Google,” (and that’s certainly nothing to sneeze at) but, they aren’t the first thing a person sees. 

Someone computer savvy can scroll past the ads to find the best results, sure. But, if you’re in a rush, just looking quickly, the “ads” are going to seem like the top results. After all, they’re the first thing you see. 

This can be frustrating, especially if you’ve been doing everything you can for your company. “We’re the best at what we do, we’re diligent, conscientious, and relentless in our SEO, yet we’re still not the first thing people see.” 

Here at Website Depot, we can help you to become exactly that. 



Google Verification, Screen, Guaranteed 


That truth is that, to be in the actual “top spot” for Google, in many cases, you have to go through Google’s verification process, often called “Google Guaranteed.” 

Simply put, Google wants to be the best search engine. A major part of that: giving folks the best results when they search. Google wants the best businesses to be at the top. So, this is a way of Google providing “quality control,” letting people know “hey, we’ve checked this company out, they do what they say they’re going to do.” 

Thus, the “Google Guaranteed” companies go a bit higher than the ones who aren’t, even if they are great about SEO. 

Google has only done this for some industries, but it seems like they’re expanding the process. 

If you want to see something that works similarly, check out YouTube or Yelp. The same dynamic is in place: the “top result” may be in the middle of your page. 

With the right strategy and someone experienced guiding you through the process, your company can be up where it belongs: at the top of the rankings. 

For help with this and so much more from our Google certified partner company, you can reach us at (888) 477-9540.