What Skills to Look for in Professional Web Designers 

professional web designers
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Are you looking for professional web designers to help with your site? Are you tired of settling for freelancers or trying to do it yourself? Web design is, in so many ways, as much art as it is science. Thus, you need someone that’s artistically inclined while having the training and expertise to be able to handle the technical aspects as well. But, there’s more to it than all of that, too. There are some traits that the best web designers share. 

professional web designers

The Basics 

HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. That’s what any web designer has to know, inside and out. Indeed, knowledge of these is so fundamental they’re sometimes referred to as “the holy trinity.” These three are to web design as picking up a pen is to writing: the very foundation of the form. If you’re talking to web designers and they seem even the slightest bit unsure about these three, move on. 

That said, the best web designers don’t just know how to use them, they know how to talk about them, too. A web designer who is unable to describe to you how they would build your site and what it would look like, clearly and concisely, is someone that will most likely struggle to build you a site that’s clear and concise. 

A Design Anyone Can Follow 

The best web designers are, like so many other professionals, adroit at presenting their ideas to someone who doesn’t have that same expertise. The good ones know how to present what it is they offer to a potentially interested client. Moreover, they should have something to present, too. If you’re in talks with web designers and they don’t have a portfolio, watch out. 

They should be able to pitch to you some idea as to what it is that your site might look like. That doesn’t mean you have to agree with it, necessarily, rather, that they have ideas, something they can come to you with. Even if it’s just “broad strokes,” the best web designers are those that can come up with some ideas even in an initial meeting with a client. That leads to another important skill… 

professional web designers

Someone You Can Work With 

Web design is, yes, as much art as it is a skill. However, it’s not on the same artistic level as being Picasso, exactly. You want a web designer for your site that you can work with. Specifically, you want a web designer that you can work with to the extent that you want to work with them. 

For example, at our company, we have many clients who want to be as “hands-on” as possible. They want to be involved in every little decision, whether it’s as big as deciding on their brand or as minute as the CTA on a blog to be posted on their website. That’s fine. We’re always glad to do it. After all, it’s their company, their decision, and we’re here to help. 

By that same token, we have plenty of clients who just want us to take care of all of it for them. That’s fine, too! We can work on our own and then go back to them with what we’ve done. 

When you’re picking web designers to work with, you want to work with someone you feel comfortable working with. If you don’t trust them or, alternatively, don’t feel like they’re taking your concerns to heart, it’s time to look elsewhere. 

Designing with SEO in Mind 

Web designers aren’t marketers, nor are they content writers. Thus, not all of SEO is their responsibility. However, you do want to work with web designers who have an understanding of SEO so that they can design your site in such a fashion that it can best be utilized for SEO. A web designer who doesn’t understand at least the basics of SEO is going to hold your company behind, no matter how nice your website looks. 

By that same token, this is one more reason to work with a digital marketing agency. A freelancer is just that – one thing. A web designer is a web designer, a content writer is a content writer, and so forth. When people have to (or try to) wear many “hats” in terms of SEO, that’s where mistakes get made and opportunities are lost. 

professional web designers

A Team of Professional Web Designers and More 

Here at Website Depot, our expert web designers can do all of the above and more. We have an entire experienced team of web designers from all around the world. They’ve built sites for companies in just about any industry that you can imagine. 

More than that, however, they work as part of a team. They work with our SEO experts, our content writers, and everyone else to be able to deliver a quality product for our clients. Then, they have a proven track record of maintaining that product, too. For a free consultation with our professional web designers and more, you can call us at (888) 477-9540.