What Search Trends You Must Know in 2022?

What Search Trends You Must Know in

Search engine optimization (SEO) trends can change every year. One reason for this is that people change their ways how they search for terms. Search engines change their algorithms according to human behavior to improve the experience for users. It’s one reason Danny SEO Star recommends changing your approach to optimizing your site for the search engines. 

Danny SEO Star Recommends Looking Into These Search Trends in 2022 

Video Content 

Google is reacting to the effectiveness of video content considering how TikTok is reaching more than 60 million users during the start of the pandemic. Thus, if you have not included video content yet as part of your SEO strategy, you should begin now. But before you start, make sure that you optimize it. How?

  • Add useful keywords
  • Insert hashtags
  • Create relevant descriptions 

User Experience

This is another trend you look to look into. Google is paying attention to the user experience of every website. The company announced that page experience will be used as a new ranking factor. It asks for core web vitals, mobile-friendliness of the site, no pop-up ads and it must run on HTTPS. 

  • Core Web Vitals. It’s a report that details the experience a page delivers based on real-world usage data. In this report, you will find the speed, responsiveness, and stability of the page. They are all vital to a site’s capacity to rank in SERPs. 
  • Mobile Search. It has become more popular than many years before. Mobile search accounted for more than 60% of all global site traffic. Thus, if your site isn’t optimized for mobile search yet, make it a priority. Call SEO Expert Danny today to your site become mobile-search friendly.

Voice Search 

More and more people are now using voice-controlled digital assistants when they search for something. People rely on their smartphones to search and most of them use a voice assistant. In that case, your site needs to be optimized for voice search. The key here is to focus on conversation content. Make sure that it is less on format and structure. To ensure that you offer your audience conversational content, write it the same way you would talk to a friend. If you do that, the post will likely show up on voice search results. 

And to help you optimize your content for voice search, make sure that you are using long-tail queries as your best friend. It means that the content is optimized for keywords that can answer “who,” “what,” “where,” and “how” questions. To look for these keywords, go to Google and type in a search term and find out what pops up. You may also use Google Analytics to find long-tail keywords. 

Talk to an Expert 

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