What Results Can You Expect from SEO?

SEO Results

Some misunderstood the role of search engine optimization (SEO). The misunderstanding can be the result of the SEO salespeople. Here at SEO Service Inc, we will always tell our clients that SEO doesn’t work like magic. It’s also not an exact science. That said, no SEO firm can produce high rankings by just offering a half-witted article or offer a directory submission.
In this post, let’s tackle what SEO can accomplish and what it cannot.

What it can do?

Search engine optimization can make your website search-engine-friendly. It means that search engines can easily find your site.

It can also improve your site’s ranking for a group of keywords over a period of months. Then, it can also improve your site’s ranking through a well-planned SEO campaign. But a well-executed campaign can cost you more than you would have thought. However, it’s all worth it.
The interesting content that you include in your campaign will result in ranking improvements. SEO can also be used to optimize your site’s textual content by including a group of keywords into the text.

What Results Can You Expect from SEO

What it can’t do?

One of the things that SEO can’t do is to make your site rank higher for any keyword that you desire. Then, it also can’t improve your rankings for a group of keywords within a few weeks. SEO results can be accomplished within months or even years, especially if you’re targeting the most competitive keywords.

SEO can’t improve your rankings through free directory submissions alone. It also won’t work if you produce articles that are duplicates or with no substance. You may think that since you have plenty of posts on your website filled with targeted keywords, your site will rank higher the following day.

Furthermore, SEO won’t help your site to rank higher through keyword density. Before, keyword density used to work. With today’s search engine algorithm, keyword density no longer matters.

As you can see, SEO doesn’t work like magic. You can only see results after a few months. It means that hiring an SEO company for a short period won’t give you significant results. You need to partner with a company for months or years to ensure that your effort will produce long-term results.

Your budget in hiring an SEO firm must be for more than six months. Preferably, at least, a year. You may see results after three months but not for the most competitive keywords.

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