What Pay Per Click Advice Does a Web Agency in New York Suggest?

What Pay Per Click Advice Does a Web Agency in New York Suggest

If you wanted advice on childcare, you wouldn’t ask a zookeeper. If you wanted advice on fixing your car, you wouldn’t ask a social media progressive activist. When you need strong and modern PPC (Pay Per Click) advice, then you ask people who are experts in the matter. You ask people who spend their work-a-day week immersed in the PPC world, like a Web Agency in New York. The weird thing is that, unlike SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the world of PPC is almost behind the times. The placement and auto-targeted for advertisements is futuristic and far ahead of its time, but the actual PPC platforms, networks, and best practices have been very slow to evolve.

Keep Your PPC Campaign Very Small

There is this tendency to start large and start big when it comes to PPC. You need to start very small with a single ad, and with a small keyword list, and especially with very low keyword bid prices.

The systems are going to punish you for offering very low bid prices. They are going to tell you that your ads are not running, but over the course of a few days, you will see clicks starting to come in.

You need to start small because every PPC system is a money trap. There are literally hundreds of ways you can lose massive amounts of money within a PPC system, so start small, and specially set your daily budget limit to something small so you cannot lose lots of money in one day.

Experiment With Locations and Restrict Them

There are certain countries, certain states, and even certain cities where you need to ensure your ads “Do Not Run.” This is yet another reason why you need to start small. One day, you are going to check your PPC platform, and it will say that all your ads have had clicks, and yet you have had no sales. Also, they come from one village in Africa or the Middle East.

There are countries where international online laws do not apply. These are countries where your ads will be baited onto websites and then clicked on websites by bots. The PPC companies cannot do anything about this, they have to pay the websites, and you lose out on money.

You need to identify these locations and restrict them so your ads cannot run on them. Or, better still, start off small with local areas. Just let your ads run in your local area, town, or city, and then expand out into your own state and parts of your country that you know. Then, when your PPC campaign is more mature, try showing your ads in other states and move out into other countries slowly.

Probably The Best Advice

If you are looking to create and maintain a strong PPC campaign, then your best bet is to hire an outside agency to do the hard work for you. The fact is that it takes a lot of staff hours to correctly run and maintain a PPC campaign, and unless you are willing to set up your own PPC department, you are better off using a team of professionals at a Web Agency in New York like Website Depot Inc. Get both advice and a team to carry out your plans and do it for a price that fits your budget.