What Keywords You Must Track and How Many?

What Keywords You Must Track and How Many

Keywords are vital for any SEO strategy. Thus, when you obtain an SEO expert report, you will find keywords you need to track. But tracking keywords can take a lot of time and money. That’s why many SEO professionals limit the number of keywords they track per website. 

How Many Keywords to Track Based on SEO Expert Report

It depends. The report will look at various factors before recommending keywords to use that have the potential to improve your site’s ranking. Thus, the report must only be employed as a starting point when creating an SEO strategy. 

Research for the Right Keywords 

The report will tell you what your site ranks for and what needs to be done. And one of the things you can do is to create a list of keywords that you want to target that have the potential to improve your ranking. However, it will be a lot easier to perform keyword research if you already know what keywords you already rank for through the report. 

But you can also run a search through Google Search Console. Even though you are using another SEO keyword searcher, you can’t ignore GSC. It shows you the queries your site is getting the most clicks over the past few months. It gives you an idea of what the search giant thinks your site deserves to rank for. 

Pick the Right Landing Pages

After identifying the keywords you want to rank for, assign them to land pages. This is easy because you have already identified those target pages while finding the right keywords. 

What’s the Ideal Number of Keywords You Must Track? 

The minimum is one. It is easier for your pages to rank if they focus on one topic. Thus, you must focus on one to three primary keywords per page. You must avoid targeting more than four keywords because there’s a limit in the meta tags. 

Tracking Keywords 

You will never know whether or not your strategy works if you don’t track the results. That’s why it’s vital to track your site’s keyword rankings. You don’t have to use Google search each day. You may use other robust tools that let you set up keyword tracking for certain locations, different languages, and others. 

But if you want to focus on Google Search Console, then you can do so. After all, it is free to use. But you get what you pay for. If you don’t want to pay for tools to track keywords, consider outsourcing this job to our SEO experts. 

Finding the Right Number of Keywords

There’s really no definite way to know how many keywords to track. There are rules available but they are not set in stone. As long as the tracking is valuable to you, the exact number doesn’t really matter. 

Now, if you wish to track your keywords but don’t have time to do it, consider talking to our SEO experts. After getting your SEO expert report, please contact us to make an initial consultation with our SEO professionals: at (855) 605-7361.