What is SEO

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – #1 source to Organic traffic

Do you have a website, an e-commerce site and you need it to rank in search engines? What you need is effective and success guaranteed SEO strategies. You can do it yourself or contract the services of a SEO expert. If you have the time, it is advised that you do it yourself. To help you understand the specifics of the process, we will present to your five SEO strategies that are guaranteed of high success. We will agree that there is nothing more frustrating like having a good looking website and still have your competitors bet you in sales.

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SEO is an important component of today’s market place. We no longer have the traditional newspaper or print advertisements.

The trick is in adopting effective SEO strategies. The first one is; make your website mobile friendly. You will understand that the typical website is not mobile friendly, simply put; customers/clients cannot access your website through their mobile devices. Today, mobiles are the most used devices in accessing the internet. Customers that want a certain product but don’t know where to get it in the market will use their mobile to search for the same. If your website is not mobile friendly, it’s unfortunate that your competitor with a mobile responsive website will attract that customer.

The second strategy is to target social media. Social media is one of the platforms with the highest number of potential clients. Advertising is all about trying to generate sales, so the larger the target population, the higher the number of clients you might attract. The social media present a rich target for SEO strategies. The strategy used in social media is social media marketing (SMM). This strategy requires you establish and active engagement status with your clients.
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The third strategy is search engine marketing (SEM). This involves placement of ads on search engine. This strategy is more fruitful compared to SMM as the target population is global and not limited. SMM is limited to the number of friends or followers you have got. Through SEM, you attract traffic that makes a search similar to your ad. SEM presents also the pay per click (PPC), strategy that is also beneficial and increases traffic, but you have to pay. PPC campaigns allow your ads to rank high and on purpose, not through chances.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Fourth, for effective SEO campaigns, you need to observe the given guidelines from the main search engines. The main one is Google, so let’s look at what it requires. Google has what is known as the post penguin SEO, this is a set of guidelines that require whatever you are posting to be organic. To get your content, your blog or website rank high, you need to have search things like keyword. Google requires that these should not be rammed into the content, but rather be free flowing. If you are not familiar with this, you may have to contract the services of an SEO expert to do it for you.

Fifth, to get your clients, you need to understand them. Your target is important and you should create appeal to them, to do this, you have to understand them. Know what they need and how they need

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