What is Blackhat SEO?

Blackhat SEO is definitely a no-no in the world of SEO. Google’s guidelines in ranking sites have changed. Its rules are established so users will have a high-quality user experience. For your websites to enjoy high ranks, you should keep up with the SEO trends and make adjustments constantly to suit the latest algorithm updates.

Black hat SEO

If you try to outsmart search engines just to bring in organic traffic to your site, you’re just doing a blackhat SEO that can negatively affect your website’s traffic and rank.


Paid Links

Purchasing links just to improve your site’s ranking offers advantages. It’s easy and there’s no need fro you to analyze the quality of the content. This is an easy way to manipulate search engine rankings allowing Google to classify it as a serious blackhat SEO tactic.


Spam Comments

They’re known to create free backlinks. But these links are “nofollow.” This means that they don’t transfer SEO advantages to your site. With that in mind, it’s a real waste of your time. It’s a popular blackhat practice that you can use with an automated tool to sprinkle your spam comments across the web.


On your site, make sure that spam comments are discouraged and prevented so your readers won’t feel uncomfortable in leaving valuable comments on your post.


Duplicate PostBlack hat SEO

This is a copy and paste content type of creation that can hurt your site’s ranking. Search engines want unique content. This is one of the reasons duplicate post or content is considered as the worst blackhat SEO technique. When Google sees that, it will consider it as a way to manipulate its search engine algorithm.


It’s also not a good thing to spin articles. This is getting popular these days. In article spinning, you’re not copying word for word but you’re rephrasing it so it will appear as a unique post. By modifying the post, it reduces the risk of the post being detected as a plagiarized work. But this isn’t good for your SEO campaign.


Keyword Stuffing

Before, this technique was applicable. But because search engines have become smarter, this simple trick can do more harm than good to your site. If you put too many keywords in your content, it won’t look natural. This isn’t user-friendly so it’s considered by Google as a blackhat SEO.


There are several risks associated with a blackhat SEO. Your website will be banned or penalized.


To avoid blackhat SEO, you should make sure that you’re only working with a reliable SEO agency.