What Hiring a Digital Marketing Company is Like 

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“We want to hire the best SEO company for law firms, but we aren’t sure how to do it.” 

“Well… we’re thinking of getting a digital marketing company. But, we’ve never really worked with one before.” 

This is something that clients mention often. 

It makes all the sense in the world. 

After all, regardless of the reasons you started your business, “to work with online marketing professionals” was probably not one of them.

However, even if you’ve never hired a digital marketing company before, you have done something similar. This is true of just about any business, no matter what industry you’re in. 

Odds are, you’ve hired a vendor or a lawyer. 

A digital marketing company is different, but there are similarities. 



Make Sure It’s Someone That Works With Companies Like Yours 


If you’ve ever had to hire a lawyer, you know how important it is to hire a lawyer that has experience with cases like yours. 

Should you fall down a flight of stairs in a store, for example, you don’t want to go with a lawyer firm that almost exclusively handles vehicular accident cases. 

This is important when finding a digital marketing company, too. 

The truth is that there are a lot of companies out there who say they’ll take just about any client, whether or not they have experience in that client’s industry. 

Then, what too often happens is that digital marketing companies try to “make it up on the spot.” This leads to the client getting less than they deserve. 

You might think: “don’t I want to work with a digital marketing company where I’m their only client in an industry?” 

It can seem like that would make you a priority. 

Unfortunately, it often makes you an afterthought. 

Instead of getting tried and true professionals, you’re getting folks that are, more or less, “making it up on the spot.” 

Again, think of a vendor. You could use the company that no one else in your industry uses, or you could go with a proven leader. 

How do you find this all out? 

Simple. Research. 

Just about any digital marketing company has case studies and/or a portfolio on their site. We certainly do. 

While we tend to have many clients in the detox/rehab treatment center, law firm, and plastic surgeon spaces, we also have many, many clients who are in plenty of other fields, too. 



Has the Resources To Give You What You Need 


Speaking of attorneys, if you’ve ever hired an attorney before, you know how much research goes into it. 

Cursory research can tell you which firms have the expertise and resources you need (among other attributes) and which lack them. 

The same goes for vendors. 

When you hire someone to provide you with supplies, you want to make sure it’s someone that has everything you need. You can tell who has the infrastructure to be able to support your company, as opposed to who is able to offer you the cheapest rate (and services to match). 

Again, this is all great preparation for hiring an online marketing company. 

Most companies want to work with a digital marketer that can provide them with what they need. By that same token, many companies don’t know exactly what it is they need that’s just right for them. 

For example, a major part of what we do here is to help a company to find out what they’re doing already. Then, we use that to figure out how we can help them to do that much better. 

To sum it up: do just a little bit of research. Find a company that has results as well as resources. From there, reach out, and see who you work well with. 

For help with this and so much else, you can reach us at (888) 477-9540.