What Great Content Always Includes 

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“Our content is missing… something. We work so hard on it, we’ve got a lot to offer, and it should just be better than it is.” 

Creating content is one of the best ways to market your company, connect to potential customers/clients, and ultimately increase profits. 

It can also be incredibly frustrating. 

You work hard on this content, you draw it up, and then… it just doesn’t reach as many folks as you would like. 

Indeed, that’s one of the biggest reasons that folks take advantage of our SEO services. We can get them in front of more people. 

However, over the years, I’ve found there’s something that all of the best content has in common. 

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Genuine Education 

The other day, I read this truly great column about marketing hay

To be clear, I know nothing about marketing hay, the industry, any of it. 

I do, however, know about marketing. 

I want to use this article as an example of showing just how far having great information in your content can go. 

Again, I couldn’t tell you the slightest thing about what makes good hay, what’s effective marketing in the space, and what is not. 

However, in the space of just a few hundred words, I learned so, so much. 

This article has fantastic information to share. 

Moreover, it shares it in a way that’s easy to follow. 

First, it starts with something that grabs our attention: letting us know how this is difficult. 

It also breaks an assumption we might hold, thus holding our attention. (That’s the second sentence that starts “ask horse owners what is…”) 

Then, the article lays out what the important factors are, but, crucially, does not define them there. That way, if we’re intrigued by what those mean, we’re encouraged to read onward. 

Then, we get to something that content with genuine education to provide always includes: specifics. 

We learn about mold, blister beetles, why all of those are bad, and more. 

But! We don’t just stay with “why it’s bad.” 

Instead, we’re given real solutions in the next section. 

Attention-grabbing/assumption-breaking idea, followed by intriguing information, what threats are present, and finally, how to overcome them. 

You might think: “OK, Greg, that all sounds great, but I’m not putting that into every tweet.” 

No, of course not. 

But, putting specific, factual information that provides real solutions into all of your content can only help. 

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An Intuitive Way to Convey the Information 

Now, as much as I love this article, there are a few things that you might not want to do with your own content. 

(To be clear, I’m not “placing blame” here or anything of the sort. The people who wrote this and put it together know more about this topic than I ever will. They did a magnificent job. I’m just putting out stuff to keep in mind for your own content.) 

When possible, shorter paragraphs make for an easier read. 

Obviously, not an ironclad rule. But, when the paragraphs are shorter, folks tend to read that much faster. 

Also: this was published in a newspaper. When you’re putting out your own content, you may want to include pictures and videos in the middle as well. That can help to “make the read shorter” too, keeping folks involved. 

Great information and solutions conveyed in an easy-to-understand way: that’s what all content should be. 

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