What Does an SEO Company In Los Angeles do?

SEO company in Los Angeles

An SEO company In Los Angeles is essentially supposed to make your website more search engine friendly, which means quite a few things these days. More modern interpretations of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are that of Search Experience Optimization. This is another way of saying that the user experience matters more than the numbers and technology behind a website. These days, an SEO company has to ride the line between both.

  1. They Do The Technical Side of Search Engine Optimization

This means many things, from converting your images on your website to WebP images, to installing lazy loading, adding meta information, and making your website more accessible. There is also the process of making your website mobile-friendly, but that has become very easy these days thanks to modern browsers, mobile technology, and the fact that many CMS systems like WordPress will not promote themes and plugins that are “Not” responsive.

  1. Pay Per Click Management

A part of what an SEO company is supposed to do involves getting people to your website, and that often involves paying for clicks. A good company will be very careful with this and will only spend small amounts of money for guaranteed returns. A poor quality company will pay stupid amounts for big prices, they will blow your budget, and then claim it was a success because they managed to pull a bunch of clicks from a remote town in Africa or China (also known as a click mill).

  1. Social Media Packages

Another way to draw in a certain subset of the public is through social media. Do not be fooled by those who promise you the earth from social media because they conflate success with “Like” numbers and traffic, and that is of no help to you. There is no benefit to having 6000 kids off Twitter click on your website and then bounce right away because they were led to believe your website gives away free candy and hugs. A good social media package will draw the right type of attention to your website without having to rely on social media for your traffic. If your traffic is powered mostly by social media, then it is temporary at best.

  1. Website Design

Many SEO companies have moved into website design because there are certain elements of being search engine friendly that go hand-in-hand with good website design. The most obvious are security measures, how quickly a website renders, and how quickly a website loads. Many of these points need to be handled on the server and hosting side of the spectrum, but many can be locked down or at least improved through good website design and management.

An SEO Company in Los Angeles Needs A Diverse Skill Set

The best SEO companies are going to have big teams that can deal with any facet of the search engine-friendly process. If you are looking to find out what an SEO Company In Los Angeles can do for you and your website, then get in touch with the team at Website Depot inc. Even new starter websites can draw a lot of benefit from a seasoned team of professionals.