What do SEO Expert Actually do on my site


What can an SEO Expert Actually do on my site?

Search engine optimization is one of the key tools for any business seeking to bring more customers to their website by specifically targeting keywords which can help the website up the rankings. Some businesses, after attempting to write SEO themselves, might consider calling in an SEO expert to help them to create a suitable ranking for their website. If you are in this position, then you might want to know about exactly what an SEO expert will do for your website.  In fact, building website rankings is only one of the things which the expert can do for you.

Improving website rankings

The majority of businesses think that, when they call in a search engine optimization expert, they will be obtaining help in bringing the website into the top of the rankings for Google, Yahoo or Bing. This is, of course, one of the chief roles of any website expert, designed to help you bring more customers to the website simply by promoting yourself up the search engine rankings. The SEO expert here will help you to improve your rankings by increasing the keyword optimization of your web pages, improving links with social media accounts, and reducing the effectiveness of rivals in the rankings.

Correcting website errors

There are, however, some other things which the search engine optimization expert can help you to manage. Some experts believe that only 10% of their time is spent creating better rankings for the websites. Instead, they spend a lot of time clearing the website of problems caused by the original web designer. These might include Meta tags and content issues which are actually dropping the website from search engine listings. There are also spam problems, such as duplicate content, pages repeated over and over again in the rankings. There is no benefit to this, and SEO experts can help you to clear up the site.

Working on website structure

Improving the structure of the website, including media kits, empty pages and adding sitemaps and other links will help search engine bots to move around the website easily. By improving the structure of the site, not only can you improve your rankings and bring in more customers that way, but by cleaning up the structure, you could help to keep customers on your website for longer. The SEO expert will help you to improve your website and to generate more profits.