What Conversion Optimization Techniques Should You Implement to Improve Your Rankings?

conversion optimizaiton

SEO and conversion optimization aren’t the same, but they really need each other to function well and to provide best results. For example, you may have the most beautiful call-to-action landing page. But it will be useless if there’s no traffic coming to your site. On the other hand, what can you benefit from a massive traffic if you don’t know how to convert it into customers?

Maximizing the benefits of SEO and conversion optimization will offer a balanced approach to your marketing strategy. So, what can you do to improve your conversion and search rankings?

Put a limit

Google loves to rank websites that can provide users with immediate answers. The first page of the search engine results is loaded with sites that are considered by Google to have the most efficient answers about the search query.

Having a broad range of topics will cause your audience to dig deeper to find the information that they need. That said, you’ll need your site to be highly focused on a certain topic. Your landing pages must ensure that the content of your site has a central theme to have a clear header hierarchy with stronger call-to-action.

Best content

Great marketing content offers a seamless blend conversion opportunity. To create great content, make sure that it is designed for human audiences. Although it’s important to integrate keywords in your content, it must be included naturally. Else, your readers will be turned off.

To optimize your content with keywords, you must not fixate on the density or volume. Keywords with less volume are proven to be worthy as long as the apparent intent is present. When crafting content, ensure that you have clarity and conversion in mind.
Implement to Improve Your Rankings


Photos can attract more visitors. But they’ll leave your site if they encounter a massive group of text. That said, it’s a must that you break up your long content with visual elements, headers and other things that can make your content more digestible. As you keep them engaged, you could create new conversions.

However, make sure that the photos you use will serve a purpose. It means that they must be highly relevant.

Avoid Flash

Flash is an outdated technology. It’s a major hindrance in accessibility. It also hampers user experience and search engines can’t crawl elements of Flash. As a result, it will negatively impact your website optimization.

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