What are “White Hat SEO Services” and Why They’re Preferred 

white hat SEO services
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Do you want to get ahead of the competition in SEO? Are you interested in doing whatever it takes to succeed in digital marketing? So often, when we read phrases like “get ahead of the competition” and “do whatever it takes to succeed,” there can be a connotation of bending or breaking the rules to do so. However, that’s not the case. With the right white hat SEO services, you can succeed today and put yourself in a position for a great deal of success to come. 

white hat SEO services

White Hat SEO Services Explained 

It’s important to note that “white hat” SEO isn’t lesser or inferior in any way. Indeed, they’re actually much more potent and powerful than their opposite, “black hat” SEO. 

A good synonym for “white hat SEO” might be “user-focused SEO.” All of the SEO services that are considered to be “white hat” are more focused on the best interests of users, of human beings, as opposed to bots, search engines, algorithms, and the like. 

Consider, “white hat” SEO includes well-written content that provides value for anyone reading it. This content uses keywords sparingly, but in such a way that someone reading is aware of what they’re being told. Additionally, this is the kind of content that can earn organic backlinks, as other sites would want to partake in its quality, its authority, and so forth. 

Other “white hat” services include making sure that your site is optimized for mobile devices so that people can read it more easily, faster loading times, an easily-navigated website, and more. 

The Difference Between “White Hat” and “Black Hat” 

If you look at the services mentioned in the last section, they’re all services that would help a person. People want a site that loads easily on any device, they want to be able to navigate a site quickly because they’re busy and have things to do. Bots, algorithms, search engines, and so forth, do not. 

You’ll also note that all of the services mentioned in the prior section take time. Well-written content, for example, comes from hard work. Create enough quality content, and organic backlinks can occur, well, organically, as people want to associate with your content. 

Look, then, upon some of the most common black hat SEO services. “Keyword stuffing” is one of the most obvious black hat strategies. Instead of writing quality content for a person, this content uses a keyword as much as possible so as to “fool” the algorithm into thinking that this content is of high quality. A person looking at it for just a moment could realize this, but the idea is to “beat the machine.” 

The same goes for backlinks. Instead of trying to create quality content, black hat SEO can include purchasing links. That way, you don’t have to “build” something over time, but instead, pay for these backlinks and hope that they help you to climb. 

In short, “black hat SEO” is really designed to be a shortcut. It’s a shortcut around hard work, around formulating and executing a strategy and all of the other parts that go into white hat SEO. 

white hat SEO services

The Dangers of Black Hat and the Benefits of White Hat 

There is a number of problems with black hat SEO. Users who come across your site are likely to be unimpressed (at best) with your content, which reflects poorly upon your company. The same goes for whatever backlinks you pay for, the cost of which, additionally, can quickly add up. However, there’s another major, significant problem with black hat SEO: Google cracks down on it. 

Indeed, there are very, very few black hat SEO tactics that Google doesn’t know at this point. They are eternally vigilant about finding black hat SEO, stopping it, and then penalizing the company that engages in them severely. 

These penalties can be harsher than many business owners realize. Not only do they halt your SEO efforts now, but they also set you back for a potentially long time to come. Some may respond to this with: “well, hey, my SEO isn’t doing great now.” perhaps, but you have time to grow, to change. Good, organic, white hat SEO, after all, can take months to really get off the ground. 

If you get penalized, then it can be even longer until you see any success. Until then, Google will, quite literally, be penalizing you, thus making it even more likely that anyone comes across your business online. Black hat just isn’t worth it. 

white hat SEO services

SEO Professionals Who Can Help 

Here at Website Depot, we only use white hat SEO. Indeed, the services that we offer go far, far beyond what’s mentioned above. That’s only the basics. We can help companies in essentially any industry to climb their Google rankings in the right way. See, with white hat SEO, your SEO gets better over time and continues growing. 

Sure, there may be the occasional setback. But, by studying your analytics and responding accordingly, it’s possible to use white hat SEO to take your business to the next level. To see how our white hat SEO services can help your company to thrive, you can schedule a free consultation with us at (888) 477-9540.