What are the Best SEO Practices for CBD Websites?

What are the Best SEO Practices for CBD Websites

CBD companies are having a hard time marketing their products. They can’t easily use online ads because many platforms prohibit promoting them. It leaves you with one digital marketing campaign that offers great results — CBD SEO. But before you even start this campaign, make sure that you know its best practices. 

CBD SEO Best Practices

The initial step to establishing your CBD business online is to implement a good SEO strategy. With the right SEO, your business will likely obtain more sales. Its product visibility will increase while your site will rank higher on the search engines. What are the steps to take to start SEO? 

Use Non-Competitive Keywords

They are keywords with little to no link-building efforts. Also known as long-tail keywords, these keywords have low search volume. But they are very specific. Thus, they are highly relevant to your audience. When you implement them properly in your web content, they can have the potential to give you quick traffic and get your site’s ranking easily. 

Boost Your Site 

To further draw users to your site, make sure that you boost its speed so they keep engaging with your content. You can test your site speed and if it’s too slow, then make sure to get it fixed. Another way to boost its speed is to utilize a content delivery network (CDN). It speeds up a site by caching content and reducing page load time. SEO Expert Danny has its own team of developers who can improve your site’s ranking so you don’t have to hire another agency to do it for you. 

Tweak Content to be EAT Ready 

EAT stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Google uses it to ensure that its users get accurate, truthful, and useful content. Anyone can just create content and upload it online. Hence, it’s difficult to know its authenticity. 

Perform SEO Audit 

It’s vital to carry out technical SEO audits regularly. This will ensure that your site’s performance is up to par. It also guarantees positive traffic to your site. If you don’t audit your site, it likely has the elements that stop it from showing in the SERPs. When you know the errors in the backend, you can keep up with your site performance. To do an SEO audit, you will need the right tools. But do you know how to use them? 

Most SEO audit tools are easy to use. But there’s a steep learning curve. If you don’t have time to learn, then just leave this part to the SEO agency you’re going to hire. It has all the necessary tools and teams to conduct a thorough SEO audit. And if they see errors, they can fix them to ensure that your site’s performance will improve. 

SEO is Time-Consuming 

It takes time to audit your website and ensures that it follows the best practices. If you lack the time to do SEO yourself, then make sure to consult with our CBD SEO team. Contact us here to know more about how our services can be of help to your CBD company: (855) 605-7361