What are Google Trends?

Google Trends
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Google trends” is an online public search tool for Google Inc. that is based on Google searches. The facility allows Google users to see which keywords and phrases have had the most searches in Google for a given period of time, hence the term “trend”. With online marketing and SEO taking center stage in internet usage today, every internet marketer wants to make the most out of every opportunity. In addition, with the development of big data as an online trend, traditional companies are taking this opportunity to sell data, and Google trends is just one of these data management facilities. Google Trends

The tool was constructed based on Google searches. The data available through Google trends is computed from keywords or search phrases entered into Google over a given time. This information is updated daily. From Google trends, SEO experts as well as blog writers can get ideas by targeting such traffic with their articles. Information from Google trends is more often relevant, but google attached a disclaimer not that the information may contain some inaccuracies due to a number of reasons. These reasons include sampling methods, variety, and estimations applied during the collection of the information among others.

Google trends allow the narrowing and refinement of search phrases in any given region. Currently, search terms can be viewed for the entire globe as well as specific countries. In addition to regional search, the tools allows for analysis of any term that might have high enough searches. This is presented in the form of a graph. Google trends also show a category known as hot searches. These are real time results for an item with the most searches in an instance. These graphs known as “search volume index”.

Regardless of the category, these results can be exported in the form of a .csv file. The file can be stored remotely and accessed later through excel or any other application supporting spreadsheets.

This tool is very useful for anyone seeking to do targeted SEO either on page or off page. In addition, it comes in handy for local SEO as it allows for regionally specific keywords. It is very effective in generating traffic for a very short period of time for instantaneous events. Because the main challenge is in the temporary nature of these keywords, the tools comes in handy for press releases and news posts. Based on this shortcoming, Google trends should not be mistaken for or used to replace the role of the keyword planner tool.