What All Content Needs, Whether You’re a Lawyer, Rehab, Or Anything Else 

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Have you ever read or see something that makes you sit up and go “that’s great”?

How often has it been some company’s content marketing? 


Too much content marketing reads like, well, content. 

As in, it’s just there to be “content,” it’s only there to fill a “hole,” so to speak. The content exists for its own sake, whether it’s for SEO, improve Google rankings, mention a new product or service, bump up some keywords, and so forth. 

It may read mechanically. The sentence structure may be “all over the place,” to put it mildly. 

But, often, some of the most mediocre content is just that: mediocre. It’s not “bad,” exactly. It’s just… boring, or at least flat and dull. 

There’s one thing to keep in mind about content, something that we always try to use. 

It works for any company, in any industry. Whether your goal is to improve local search for lawyers, rehabs, or anything else, this is something you can use. That’s not to say that it’s going to solve all of your content concerns, but it can give you a real foundation from which to build. 



True Statement of Purpose 



You need a clear purpose. 

There has to be a purpose to what you’re creating.  

However, (and this is key) the purpose of the content can’t just be “to sell something.” 

Sure, that’s what you want. That’s the goal of your company, your business, and even the content itself. 

But, that can’t be the reason that the piece of content exists. 

For the content to be good, it has to exist for a reason other than just to get someone to buy something.
“We’re trying to boost our SEO” is another way to say “to get someone to buy something.” Because, if you’re just writing for SEO, then in a very real way, you aren’t writing for another human. You’re literally writing for a machine. 

Is the piece of content to inform? Does it educate? Does it advocate for one cause/charity or another? 

Or, you can set up the purpose in a different way. Ask yourself: “what would a viewer/reader leave this content with?” 

Would they receive information they wouldn’t have previously? Could they have a new perspective on something? Did you give them a recipe, some bit of legal advice, signs to look for if a loved one is struggling with addiction, and so forth? 

What purpose does the piece serve other than just selling? 

Once you have that, the rest really does fall into place. 

We can help you to make great content with purpose to boost local search for lawyers, rehabs, or anything else. To start, you can reach us at (888) 477-9540.