What a Web Agency in New York Won’t Fix For You

What a Web Agency in New York Wont Fix For You

If you are looking for a web agency in New York, it may be because you want a new website created. That is fine, and you should do well. However, if you have an online problem and you need somebody to fix it for you, then the nature of your problem will determine if a web agency can or cannot help you. Here are a few things that a web agency may struggle to fix for you.

Can’t Fix a RansomWare Attack Already Underway

Don’t pay the ransom, even if it is pretty low and pretty reasonable. If you are under attack, a web agency may not be able to help you. They may not be able to restore your old website, especially if you didn’t store a backup copy so that the current version can be wiped and replaced.

However, if you don’t have a backup and/or any sort of contingency plan for a ransomware attack, then you may have to delete your current website and put a new one on there. A web agency may be able to drag some of your content off of websites that have crawled your website, which will help save your content. They may even be able to grab the URLs of your pages so you can re-upload on the same URLs. The problem is that a web agency may have to build a new website, which will take days, and there will be a lot of updating to do after it is completed.

Can’t Fix a Spamming Problem

There are times when a spamming problem can be solved by simply turning off the comment sections for a website. A web agency may offer a series of different solutions for your spam attacks, but in some cases, the web agency cannot control the incoming spam traffic that your website is receiving. It can deflect and redirect, and can even remove URLs, but in the more serious cases, you are going to need a security expert to fix your spamming problem. Again, if it is something relatively small, like very frequent spam comments, then a web agency can help. But, if the attacks are big and sophisticated, a web agency may be unable to help.

Can’t Fix Competitor Attacks

If your competitors are constantly posting negative stuff about your website and/or your services, then there is little a web agency can do. They may be able to advise you on getting some of the negative stuff taken down, and Google is pretty good about removing spam/trolling reviews and comments. A web agency can usually offer advice but may struggle to give you direct assistance with your problem.

Try A Different Type of Web Agency

There are so many problems a website may encounter that it could fill several books, so there is little chance of fitting all the problems in this article. Nevertheless, if you have an online problem, a social media problem, or a website problem, then get in touch with a web agency in New York such as Website Depot Inc. Discuss your options and get a few solutions. It is true that there are many problems a web agency can’t fix, but you will be surprised how much help they can offer based on their own experiences with online/website problems.