What a Digital Marketing Company Can Provide that Most Don’t Realize 

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Does it seem like your competitors have greatly increased their marketing efforts recently? Have you found that it seems like your industry (and just about every other) has more marketing than ever? 

It’s not just you. 

Nor is it the world opening up. 

The truth is that, as this article explains, “businesses are hiring marketing agencies more than ever.” 

Of course, when someone hires a lawyer or addiction treatment SEO agency, they expect quite a bit from them. Web design, SEO, maybe social media, online reputation management, local SEO, and more – that’s just some of what could be expected. 

However, from working with our company for a while, there’s something else I’ve found that we can provide to the client. Something that they can use which allows them to do their job that much better. 





When your car breaks down, you hire a mechanic. 

Yes, they have experience. They can fix your car, make it run as it should, etc. 

Maybe they give you some advice on how you can better take care of your car. But, (and this is crucial) you don’t have to learn all about how cars work, etc. 

The same should be true of your marketing company. 

I thought of that when I read this article

The idea is that many pharmaceutical marketing executives believe that third-party cookie management will be impactful or even very impactful on their media plans. 

The big quote to me was this: 

“… although most (marketing executives) did not have a clear understanding of the changes in third-party cookie management, 74 percent of pharma marketing executives say the changes will be impactful or very impactful on their media plans. However, less than half of those companies have taken action to address the coming changes.” 

So, to recap, marketing executives say that the changes will be very impactful. However, a majority have done quite literally nothing to deal with that. 


While every executive and every company is different, I’ll venture a guess. 

They’re busy. 

They have a lot to do. 

In the course of their day to day work, they don’t have time to adequately prepare their company for these changes. 

If you have a marketing company on your side, then you can prepare. They can handle it for you so that you can focus on your job. 

Instead of having to know everything about the car’s engine (as well as what potential threats are on the horizon) you can just drive it. 



Guidance from the Consumer’s Perspective 


This is a really lovely article about search marketing and user experience. 

Many of the tips in there can help you in marketing as well as in life. 

It’s a very practical, easy to implement way to put more empathy in your marketing. 

I did want to touch on the part about the “user’s journey.” 

That number 3., “try another person’s life” is something that your marketing company should be able to do for you, too. 

It’s so, so easy to fall into a mode of “this is what we want to do.” 

You have a great product, service, site, or something else. So, you do everything you can to make sure that the customer knows about it, that they’re aware of it, etc. 

However, without taking the steps to make sure that everything is as easy on the customer as possible, even the best ideas can wither. 

To make sure that doesn’t happen, we’re here to help. For more: (888) 477-9540.