Does Your Website Require An SEO Audit?

Does Your Website Require An SEO Audit

Your website needs an SEO to know what is and what is not working on your site. SEO audit will tell you what is falling short and how you can improve its ranking to generate more leads and sales. Unlike tax audit, this kind of auditing is a good thing. It is a vital process to grant your business with some actionable insights.

What Can An SEO Audit Tell You?

Auditing your site will help you examine its overall health. It shows you its current traffic compared with the industry benchmarks. In here, you can find some red flags. This assessment will assist you in identifying potential issues that your SEO team must further investigate.

SEO audit can also tell you your site’s internal linking structures, social media profiles, site map, anchor text, etc. Depending on how you perform your audit, the assessment may also help you identify some caching and downtime issues. Bear in mind that load time is now considered as a important SEO performance metric.

In addition to your site’s overall health, an SEO audit can give you some clues if there are red flags or penalties on your site. The best practices of SEO change rapidly. It ‘s hard to keep up with the algorithm changes. That said, it is best to hire an expert.

Then, an SEO audit can give you insights on how your site performs against the competition. This process is known as competition check. It is more in-depth than an overall health assessment. You must know what your rivals are doing. Does your competition have a search system in place? How about a better site map?

Does Your Website Require An SEO Audit

The most important benefit you can get from competition audit is that you can determine those overlooked opportunities that may improve your site’s ranking.


An SEO audit is also vital to know the cause of your site’s downturn traffic. Is it due to a penalty or an SEO violation? With an experienced agency, you can tell whether or not your site has been penalized.

Choosing An Agency

You may consider opting for an in-house SEO team. However, identifying and correcting problems will be limited to your team’s expertise. Outsourcing your SEO audit is a good idea. That’s because an agency will not stop at a list of what is working and what is not on your site. It can identify the problems and provide you with possible solutions. An SEO agency can assist you in making those multiple changes.