Web Development and Marketing Company to Help You Stay Calm for the Upcoming Algorithm Updates

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Hiring our web development and marketing company can make a difference to your bottom line. But will your sales or traffic be affected when Google will finally release its algorithm update?

Don’t fear as our team got you covered. 

Every time a rumor about an algorithm update surfaces, site owners immediately panic. But you shouldn’t fear any algorithm update if you have implemented the right strategies. 


Web Development and Marketing Company to Prepare Your Site for Any Algorithm Update 

When Google confirms an update on its algorithm, several articles online will attempt to dissect what changes Google has made. They also provide ways to fight the changes. 

However, any algorithm update must not be dreaded. Keep in mind that the update must not be treated as your adversary. Instead, it should only be interpreted as a way for you to create a better user experience. 


Choose to Improve High-Quality User Experience 

When Google releases an update, it only means one thing — it wants to improve the searcher’s experience. Its algorithm is extensive, that’s why it needs to be updated according to real scenarios. 

If Google won’t update it, its search engine will be full of bugs. 

Hence, if you regularly update your site to improve its user experience, then there’s nothing to worry about. Whether Google releases a major update or just a minor fix on its algorithm, your site is safe. 


What If There’s a Drop in the traffic? 

After a Google algorithm update, your site may experience a drop in search traffic. But don’t treat it as Google’s way of penalizing your site, unless you did something scrupulous in the past. 

If one of your URLs has been downgraded, it may not necessarily affect the ranking of your entire site. 

However, if you are worried about it, our team at Website Depot will look into your Google Search Console to find out which URLs are getting a deep dive. From there, we’ll investigate what triggered the drop in traffic. 

Then, we implement strategies to ensure that that URL’s traffic will come back.

Provide Google What It Wants 

When we handle your site’s SEO, web development, and marketing, our team will ensure to follow what Google wants. That is, we’ll focus on providing your visitors a great user experience. 

Keep in mind that sites that regularly provide amazing user experience don’t fear algorithm updates. But you should fret if your site doesn’t have high search visibility. That’s because it could mean a poor user experience. 

It’s a fact of life that Google’s algorithm changes regularly. Hence, if your site depends on organic search, you must focus on the most important aspects — your users and their experience. 

If you hire our team to do your marketing and SEO, you will never be afraid again of Google algorithm update. Whether it’s a major or minor fix, your site is safe. 

Do you want to know more about how our web development and marketing company can help your site to be resilient to Google algorithm update? Call us at (888) 477-9540.